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Updates on MA RRP Rule From The MA Department of Labor Standards

EPA Report Card: How well are they doing with the RRP Rule?

A Message From The Lead Paint Police: It’s Not What You Think...

Instructions For Using LeadCheck Test Kits On Drywall And Plaster

Is Low Level Exposure To Lead A Big Deal? Here is Your Answer…

LeadCheck Test Kits Now Recognized For Use On Drywall and Plaster

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Information, Resources and Instructions About Working Lead-Safe

Another Example of the Government Not Following Its Own Lead Rules

Amending An EPA RRP Firm Certification

EPA and EPA Regional Offices Contact Information for RRP Renovators

RRP Demo and Asbestos Removal Share Similar Risks and Work Practices

CLPPP: Obama’s Omnibus Bill Puts Children at Risk of Lead Poisoning

RRP Training Refresher: Health Risks of Lead

Thoughts About Lead Poisoning for Hunters and Their Dinner Guests

Refresher: Exemptions to RRP Work Practices

Double Trouble for RRP Renovators: OSHA and EPA to Work Together

RRP HEPA Vac Options That Meet EPA Requirements

What to do if EPA Sends You a Request for RRP Information

Latest Survey on the Impact of the RRP Rule on Businesses

Don’t Be Mislead By the Vote to Cut Off RRP Enforcement Funding

Labels, Signs and Printers for RRP – and Beyond: Guest Blog

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Special NARI Work Group Reports Findings on RRP

Contractors Sound Off About RRP Rule and Dust Wipe Amendment

If a Lead Test Indicates No Lead, Can A Non-Certified Firm Do The Work?

Do My Sub Contractors Need To Be RRP Certified?

Undercover Investigation Calls Out EPA on Lack of RRP Enforcement

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Opportunity to Discuss RRP Rule with MA and EPA Officials

Lead Poisoning Is Growing In Belmont MA

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Trade Associations Trying To Affect the RRP Rule

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Is EPA Not Listening Or In Denial About The Effects of RRP Rule?

Is Money Spent On RRP A Cost Effective Approach To Lead Poisoning

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An Opportunity to Make Sure Massachusetts Enforces the RRP Rule

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RRP Rule Could Be A Ticking Time Bomb For Many Contractors

NARI Letter to Senate about RRP Rule Speaks to Contractor Concerns

OSHA to Target Residential Construction Industry, Enforce Lead Standards

D-Lead Offers Some Clarification about Their Lead Test Kits

Massachusetts RRP Regulations Require Use of a Sign-in/out Log

EPA Decides Trainers Can Use Either Test Kit at RRP Training Classes

Choosing Between EPA Approved Lead Test Kits

EPA Approved Lead Test Kit Instructions

RRP and Picking Up The Pieces After DIY Renovations

Know the Difference Between RRP and Deleading To Avoid Breaking The Law

What To Do If You Have Lead Poisoning

Most Children Poisoned By Lead During Renovations Poisoned By Their Parents

New EPA Announcement Falls Short In Supporting RRP Certification

Blatant Violation of RRP Rule in Maine displayed on YouTube

What is a Lead Paint Hazard (Paint-Lead Hazard)?

Videos About The EPA RRP Rule

Abatement vs. Renovation: Know the Difference

MA RRP Assessment Form Introduced By CLPPP

Jury Awards Nearly $21M in Baltimore Lead Paint Case.


RRP and OSHA Requirements; What's Wrong With This Picture?

Banks And Lenders Are Starting to Find Out About the EPA RRP Rule Too

RRP Rule Interior Containment General Requirements

RI RRP regulations differ from the EPA Rule in a few key ways

OSHA Left Out Of RRP Rule Development; Just Getting Up To Speed

CT NARI Chapter Advises Membership How To Report RRP Violations

Home Inspectors Will Help Spread The News About The EPA RRP Rule

City Officials Drop The Ball On RRP Rule. Will City Be Fined?

What States Have Taken Over The EPA RRP Rule?

Property Values and Equity Will Drop as a Result of the EPA RRP Rule

Contractors and Subs Doing EPA RRP Work Will Need to Work Things Out

EPA Releases Penalty Guidelines for RRP Enforcement

Insurance Companies Rethinking Coverage Due to EPA RRP Rule

Nervous Neighbors Will Keep EPA and MA RRP Renovators On Their Toes

Doing EPA RRP Work? OSHA Will Be Watching For You.

What is Required To Become A Licensed Lead Inspector?

RRP Renovation Checklist Must Be Given to Certain Parties

Comparison of EPA RRP and MA RRP Rule Requirements

What Is The Lead Disclosure Rule?

For Large RRP Remodels; Renovate or Tear Down and Start Over?

NAHB Article Regarding EPA Lead Test Kits Could Be Misleading To Some

Delegated States Likely Better Prepared To Enforce EPA RRP Rule

EPA Gives Status of RRP Training and Certification Counts

EPA RRP Renovators May Be Blind-Sided by OSHA Requirements

Lead Check Still The Only EPA RRP Approved Test Kit

Painting and Coatings Terms and Definitions

EPA Offers Clarification About Approved EPA RRP Lead Test Kits

Licensing Requirements For MA Renovators Doing MA RRP Work

MA DOS Officially Announces Takeover Of RRP Rule From EPA

EPA To Fine Window Company $784,380 for Prenotification Violation

New EPA RRP Requirements Take Affect on July 6th, 2010

EPA Provides Clarification on RRP Rule Certification Delay Memo

Resources About Lead and the EPA RRP Rule for Home Owners and Contractors

Breaking News: MA to file for delegation of authority to enforce RRP

Working on Buildings Where a Child Occupied Facility Exists

EPA DELAYS Enforcement of RRP Rule Certifications until October

Personal Protection Equipment Requirements Under The EPA RRP Rule

EPA RRP Considerations for Demolition of All or Part of a Structure

Glossary and Definitions of EPA RRP Terms

Boston Globe Handyman discovers new EPA RRP lead law the hard way

OSHA standards for cleaning a respirator apply to EPA RRP work

Senate moves to put off EPA RRP lead-paint violation fines

Number of EPA RRP Certified Firms as of May 19, 2010

Massachusetts DOS to Hold Public Hearing on EPA RRP Takeover

EPA RRP Lead-Safe Certified Firm logo available from EPA

Selling EPA RRP work will be challenging.

EPA Recognized Lead Paint Test Kits for RRP Use

How to Safely Use a HEPA Vacuum and Change a Contaminated Bag

EPA announces newly proposed amendments to the EPA RRP Rule

What EPA RRP documentation must be given to the owner or occupant?

Restricted Practices and Prohibited Practices under the EPA RRP Rule

EPA Softens stance on Firm Certification to allow work to continue

RI Contractors Must follow the RI RRP Rule as of March 30, 2010

4/21/10: Status of MA taking over administration of the EPA RRP Rule

4/20/10: Status of MA taking over administration of the EPA RRP Rule

How much will it cost contractors to comply with the EPA RRP Rule?

What is the EPA RRP Renovation Check List and what is it used for?

What documents do I need to keep or have under the EPA RRP rule?

EPA RRP definition of a HEPA VAC and how to choose one

Does the EPA RRP Rule apply in unpainted spaces?

Can the Renovate Right Brochure be delivered via -mail?

Can I do RRP work if my firm is not a EPA Certified Firm yet?

What is the "Opt-Out" provision of the EPA RRP Rule and when does it apply?

Do my subs need to be EPA RRP Certified Firms?

What is a "Dust Room" and why consider using one for EPA RRP work?

What do I need to know about Respirators when doing EPA RRP work?

Do EPA RRP lead rules apply to home owners who do their own work?

Concerns about misiformation at EPA RRP Certified Renovator Training

Concerns about legal liabilities related to the EPA RRP Rule

Do the EPA RRP work practices apply in an emergency situation?

Can I still work if I haven't received my EPA RRP Firm Certification?

EPA RRP: Can you tell me what I should do first?

EPA RRP Jobs: Pricing for profit and consistency

EPA RRP Rule: Value in using time cards to demonstrate RRP compliance

EPA RRP Law Compliance: Effects on Estimating Labor Costs