The Job Description for a Lead Carpenter

By Shawn McCadden
Certified Remodeler, Certified Lead Carpenter

Lead Carpenter job Responsibilities


Job Description for Lead Carpenter

POSITION SUPERVISOR: Production Manager and/or Field Supervisor

MAIN RESPONSIBILITY: to execute profitable production activities, as assigned by the Production Manager, that support the goals of the company.


ACTIVITIES: the position’s activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Insure company and customer satisfaction through professional appearance, expert workmanship and polite communication.
  2. Attend all company/client meetings approved by the Production Manager.
  3. Create an anticipated project schedule (critical path) in advance of project commencement, adjust schedule as needed based on production realities. Advise subcontractors of proposed schedule. Verify and confirm material lead times and purchase orders as needed to maintain efficient schedule.
  4. On a daily basis, inform the Production Manager of the progress of the project, including any customer concerns, problems, delays, etc.
  5. Supervise the activities of the company’s field carpenters and/or independent subcontractors, which include oral and written communication as needed.
  6. Be responsible for the efficient and profitable use of the company’s time, manpower and materials on each project as included in project estimate sheets.
  7. Responsible for tracking the progress and profitability of the projects under his or her supervision and reporting to the Production Manager.
  8. Insure the image of the company is supported by the appearance and activities of the installation teams and job sites.
  9. Maintain an operational inventory of necessary tools, safety equipment, equipment and vehicles to perform specific activities assigned by the Production Manager.
  10. Receive progress payments and final payment from the client upon completion of the project or as directed by the Production Manager.
  11. Assist in the company’s marketing program as directed by management, which may include: canvassing, home shows, job site marketing, customer satisfaction, etc.
  12. Maintain an on hand supply of and properly complete company lead sheets for all field and office inquiries from potential prospects and submit completed sheets to the Office Manager.
  13. Attend seminars and shows to obtain new product knowledge and new installation procedures.
  14. Seek additional responsibility and guidance from company management employees as needed to enhance existing skills, learn new skills, and create potential for advancement within the company.


  1. Achieve NARI Certified Lead Carpenter Designation.
  2. Maintain NARI Certified Lead Carpenter Designation.
  3. Achieve Massachusetts Construction Supervisors License
  4. Maintain Massachusetts Construction Supervisors License
  5. Achieve EPA RRP Certified Renovator Certification
  6. Maintain EPA RRP Certified Renovator Certification
  7. Achieve Appropriate OSHA Certification
  8. Maintain Appropriate OSHA Certification