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Video Instructions For Testing DryWall and Plaster Using Lead Check

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Tue, Apr 10, 2012 @ 05:00 AM

Video Instructions For Testing DryWall and Plaster Using Lead Check


EPA LogoRecently, EPA recognized the LeadCheck Test Kits for testing drywall and plaster for lead under the RRP rule.

Below is an old video with instructions for testing drywall and plaster using LeadCheck.  The video was created by Hybrivet, the manufacturer of LeadCheck before it was recently bought out by the current manufacturer 3M.  This video was produced before the RRP Rule came into effect and before EPA recognized LeadCheck for testing drywall and plaster.  I contacted 3M to see if the video instructions below were accurate for RRP purposes. 


3M logo3M reported that they are temporarily using the video until a new video is released.  The major change 3M will make to the video will include the following language:


"Carefully rub the swab around the periphery of the peeled back flap, taking care not to contact the drywall (gypsum) or plaster. Only rub the swab on all layers of paint found on the flap. Do not rub the swab in the pocket."

The current video can be found at the 3M LeadCheck Web site.   As soon as the new video becomes available I will post it here on RRPedia to replace this video.


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