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4/20/10: Status of MA taking over administration of the EPA RRP Rule

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Tue, Apr 20, 2010 @ 12:51 PM

MA contractors should be aware that the MA DOS is planning to enact emergency regulations to take authority of the RRP from EPA, but it hasn't happened yet.   

MASo far what MA has done is to announce their intent to take over the EPA RRP. The emergency rule was/is scheduled to be entered into the register either this past Friday April 16th, 2010. As soon as it is entered into the register I will get the link to it and share it.

The emergency regulations will only be temporary. MA will then have 90 days to create their final regulations and get approval of the final regs from EPA. Until it is law, everything is speculation. So, we all still have opportunity to help mold the final regulations.

I will be working closely with the MA DOS to review and comment and on, and contribute to the regulations during the next 90 days. I suggest this is actually an opportunity to create a rule that is much better and makes more practical sense than what we would deal with if left with the current EPA rule. One of my goals in getting involved will be to help level the playing field for professionals and include real consequences for illegal operators. I would also like to see responsibilities and consequences for home owners, but I suspect that might be a tough thing to accomplish in this state.

My DOS contacts have told me they will let me know of any new information as it becomes available.

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