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Defining Design/Build

Definition of Design Build

 "Think of Design/Build as a Way of Doing Business, Rather than a Service to Offer Your Customers"

Design/Build refers to a method of project delivery in which a single entity provides to the client or owner all of the services necessary to both design and construct all or a portion of the project with full responsibility to the owner or clients for both the design and the construction.


In its most effective form, Design/Build is an integral system broken into two unique but complimentary divisions that produce the desired project results.  The design side focuses on preparation (including systems, language, and flow of information).  The build side focuses on the execution of the design (fulfilling the client’s purpose for the project).



Business plan for remodelers and Design BuildersCharacteristics That Separate Successful Design/Builders From Other Business Models Include:

  • An experienced Management Team that has created and follows a strategic and sustainable business plan, implements industry best practices and continuously identifies and mentors strong leadership within the team in each department.
  • A strong Financial System that predicts, tracks and analyzes the cost of doing business and producing projects, and includes an estimating system that facilitates timely and accurate "What-if" project pricing abilities during the entire design process.
  • Sales system for Design Builders and sales training for remodelersA Marketing System and Strategy that identifies and attracts targeted prospects qualified to do business with the Design/Builder and helps them discover the unique values and advantages of the Design/Build project delivery method.
  • An established and tested Sales System used and or supported by all employees which prequalifies that a prospect's purpose, budget and decision making process is a match with the Design/Builder's Business model and provides a consistent approach and results for those prospects who become clients.
  • Technology for Remodelers and Design BuildersA Design System that properly identifies and documents the information needed by the client as well as the Design/Builder's project team and serves as a communication tool to make sure the design and final project serve the client's purposes within the agreed budget and timeline
  • A Communication System and Process that uses technology to create, capture, manage, and distribute timely and accurate business and project information between team members, trade partners, design professionals and the client in a way that manages and meets established expectations.
  • Design Build Training for Design Build SystemsA Production System that produces a quality project and experience for all of the parties involved within the established budget and puts management of the project at the jobsite and in the hands of a qualified Lead Carpenter and or Project Manager.
  • A Personnel System that identifies, attracts, advances, recognizes and rewards those employees who best support a true Design/Build Business model and project delivery system.


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