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EPA RRP Law Compliance: Effects on Estimating Labor Costs

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Thu, Apr 15, 2010 @ 02:46 PM

Despite the fact that the EPA passed the RRP lead-safe practices law back in 2008, the word didn't get out very effectively. As a result, the EPA RRP Rule caught many contractors unprepared and scrambling to get themselves certified by the April 22, 2010 deadline. Many companies are focusing on compliance (pamphlet acquisition and distribution, company certification, RRP training, acquisition of dust containment materials and HEPA Vacs), but fewer have thought about how the new law may affect daily practices. For example, a company that's not using daily time cards may find it difficult to quantify changes in the amount of time required to complete work according to the RRP regulations. Failure to understand exactly how much additional time it might take a crew to perform a task can lead to underestimating. Underestimating can lead to under pricing. Under pricing can lead to a cash flow crisis in an already challenging economy. Consistent under pricing can lead to financial failure. On the other hand, documenting time spent on a job (particularly those blocks of time associated with RRP compliance) can not only help with estimating future jobs, but provide a CYA support system.

Note:  This information was contributed by Melanie Hodgdon of Business Systems Management.

Topics: Production Considerations, Estimating Considerations