Shawn McCadden Remodeling Magazine Blogs Related to the EPA RRP

EPA RRP Blogs By Shawn McCadden

Below are links to blogs Shawn has written on the Remodeling magazine web site that are specific to the EPA RRP.  You are encouraged to leave comments. 

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Blog list:

This Polite, Pussyfooting Around Is Exactly What Got Us Here in the First Place

The remodeling industry needs an alternative method to address the EPA when it comes to the RRP rule.

Will We Ever Know if the RRP Serves its Intended Purpose?

If Massachusetts, for example, doesn't confim, validate or track the cause of lead poisoning in children, how does anyone know if kids are being poisoned by remodeling practices?

More Misinformation About the RRP Rule

Shawn McCadden takes his red pen to an RRP article to point out just one example of misinformation.

Media Coverage of EPA’s Lead Rule Performance

Will the EPA react to media coverage by increasing consumer awareness and enforcement of the lead rule?

RRP is Killing Innovation and Limiting Job Growth

The EPA rule's restricted format prevents remodelers and manufacturers from offering optional solutions.

Is the Remodeling Industry Ready for OSHA?

RRP caught the remodeling industry by surprise. Will increased OSHA compliance be a repeat of history?

First UFFI, Then Asbestos, Now It’s Lead. What’s Next?

Lead isn't the only toxic substance out there. According to a study released by the Ecology Center, many home improvement products still being sold today contain harmful chemicals.

Are We Doing Enough to Protect Our Children from Lead Poisoning?

A surprising percentage of children with lead poisoning are sickened after their parents performed home renovations without following lead-safe practices. Should homeowners and tenants be required to follow RRP rules?

OSHA Stepping up Enforcement and Fines as a Way to Encourage Compliance: Is the Real Purpose to Protect Workers or to Raise Money to Support Big Government?

As OSHA pledges to step up enforcement and fines in connection with RRP-related work, Shawn McCadden wonders whether the real issue is compliance or diverting more money into the Fed's coffers.

EPA Releases Penalty Guidelines for Use by its RRP Enforcement Staff

EPA releases enforcement and penalty guidelines document laying out enforcement and penalty guidelines for the Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule.

RRP Enforcement Will Ramp Up In Earnest. 7 Reasons Why.

If you are concerned about your costs of doing business now, I’m afraid that you haven’t seen anything yet.

It’s Published. Does That Mean It’s True?

Published errors can be just as dangerous as construction errors

Complexity, Chaos, and Conspiracy

Our industry is large, complex, and complacent: a potentially fatal combination, unless we unite

What's Good for the Business Should be Good for the Government

Politicians are experts at being Monday morning quarterbacks, but where were they to prevent this from happening to begin with? And, where is the leadership we need to stop and fix this mess?

On RRP, the Silence Is Deafening

A question to the Environmental Protection Agency: Why is the public still in the dark about the lead paint law?

I'm Glad I'm Not an EPA Employee

Frustrated by the RRP? Don't blame the enforcers. Work with them

One Week, Three Predictions

The reality of the EPA's RRP rule has been sinking in for about a week.

Surprise, Surprise. More Unanticipated Consequences of the RRP

As the RRP draws closer, every week seems to reveal additional considerations for remodelers and other industry stakeholders, including homeowners, inspectors, and local governments.

Hard-Working and RRP-Challenged?

Fear of the unknown has predictable consequences

On Lead, Abdication May Not Be an Option

Time is ticking away toward implementation of the EPA's lead law. A short list of what to do now.

Hello, EPA Man, Are You Out There?

The RRP represents a failure of clarity, responsiveness, and public awareness

The Consultant Who Cried Wolf

No, the EPA won't be dropping by your jobsite after the RRP takes effect. Yes, it will be dropping by your office, searching for compliance...

Remodelers Brace for April Deadline of Lead Paint Rule

Seventeen years in the making, the EPA's lead paint rule promises massive changes in remodelers' work practices -- at least for remodelers who comply with the law.

Will They Wear the Booties?

Wrestling with how the EPA's lead rule will impact your business? Think seriously about how it will affect your staffing as well.

Sharing the Knowledge: Thoughts on Your RRP Training Experience?

Don't blame the messenger, have a fallback plan, and other thoughts on the RRP lead-safe training you need to get.

Getting the Lead Out: You or Them?

The biggest challenge to fair enforcement of the EPA's lead rule? Remodelers' attitudes. A call to action for leveling the playing field.