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NARI Letter to Senate about RRP Rule Speaks to Contractor Concerns

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Wed, Dec 08, 2010 @ 10:23 AM

NARI Letter Submitted to Senate about RRP Rule Speaks to Contractor Concerns


NARI and RRPIn a recent letter submitted to the US Senate, NARI Executive Director Mary Busey Harris did a great job advising the EPA of critical concerns legitimate remodelers have about the EPA’s creation, enforcement and administration of the RRP Lead Rule.   The letter points out that law abiding professional remodelers are particularly challenged by two considerations having to do with the additional costs related to the current rule as well as the proposed dust wipe amendment.  Here is an excerpt from the letter:


"Currently, EPA estimates that more than 500,000 individuals have been trained on how to comply with LRRP. Despite EPA’s training success, we are witnessing two disturbing trends that threaten our livelihood and potentially endanger homeowners and children.

First, the cost increase for remodeling projects done in full compliance with EPA regulations is causing homeowners to hire unlicensed contractors or to do construction work themselves. This situation endangers children who may be exposed to lead caused by unsafe work practices.

Second, EPA is expected to finalize the “clearance” portion of the LRRP rules this July. NARI is concerned that EPA will lack sensitivity towards the impact pricing has on hiring licensed and certified contractors. The rules, if finalized with overly burdensome requirements, may drive up costs and exacerbate the problems we are currently witnessing – driving more homeowners towards unlicensed or unethical contractors."


RRP ChallengesIn the letter Harris points out that NARI would like to work with the Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship to “reiterate to EPA the impact LRRP is having on remodelers and to facilitate a better dialogue on how EPA can implement the LRRP rules in a small business-friendly way”  She further goes on to suggest that;  ”With the Committee’s help, remodelers and EPA officials can work towards solutions that will better inform homeowners of lead hazards, penalize unlicensed or unethical contractors, and reduce the exposure of children to lead from construction activities”

Thumbs upI commend NARI for reaching out to work with government officials regarding the EPA RRP Lead Rule in a constructive and thoughtful way.  I hope the Senate and the Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship will embrace NARI’s offer.  The remodeling industry and remodelers need their voices to be heard.  Even more important, EPA needs to listen if the RRP rule is to be effective and our government is truly interested in protecting America’s children as well as professional remodelers from the negative effects of the underground economy.

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