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Checkout the links below to find information provided by the EPA on their web site related to the EPA RRP Rule.

RRP Page on EPA Web Site

This page has a variety of links to information about the RRP program.

Links to RRP Regulations:

RRP Regulations as of 4/22/10 - View Online

RRP Regulations as of 4/22/10 - PDF File

Most Current Rule Including Amendments

Yes, at 79 pages and with "government language" throughout, the regulations are a tough read for most contractors.  I suggest you read the Small Entity Compliance Guide first to quickly gain a big picture understanding.  Then read the entire rule and preamble to better understand the rule and how to interpret specific areas.

Locate EPA Certified Renovation Firms

This locator identifies renovation, repair and painting firms certified by EPA. EPA runs the lead renovation, repair and painting (RRP) program in most states. However, currently ten states are authorized by EPA to administer their own RRP programs: Wisconsin, Iowa, North Carolina, Mississippi, Kansas, Rhode Island, Utah, Oregon, Massachusetts and Alabama. For assistance identifying certified firms in these states contact the National Lead Information Center at 1-800-424-LEAD (5323).

List of Currently Licensed Massachusetts Renovation, Repair and Painting Contractors

EPA RRP Interactive FAQ Area on EPA Web Site

This web page includes key word searchable questions and answers related to the the EPA RRP rule.   Many of the questions are those submitted by Shawn McCadden to the EPA Region 1 office in Boston on January 5th, 2010.  You can also choose to have new updates sent to you by e-mail

Note:  I have noticed that the EPA has changed the web address of this page at least twice.   I apologize in advance if this link stops working.  If you experience a broken link, please let me know ASAP. 

PDF Summary of frequently asked questions

Document includes a collection of questions and answers related to the the EPA RRP rule. 

List of EPA Approved Training Providers

Not all training providers are the same.  The quality and effectiveness of training classes and instructors vary greatly.  A trainer who has practical experience doing remodeling can make a night and day difference.  Many trainers get off topic and as a result attendees can miss out on important information required to stay in compliance and avoid liabilities.  Some classes have even have gone well beyond the scheduled end time, which can be costly if you are paying employees for their time to attend.  Make sure cost is not your only deciding factor.  Just like choosing a good remodeler, referrals and references can be the best way to find a good class and instructor.

Effective Dates of RRP Rule

The rule is really not new.  The EPA and contractors have had almost two years to get ready for the April 22, 2010 implementation date.  More contractors would have been aware of this rule and could be better prepared had the EPA started their public awareness campaign when the rule was approved.

Firm Application: 

These forms can be printed or filled out on-line.  The fee is $300.00.   According to the rule, the EPA has up to 45 days to process your application. 

Beginning April 22, 2010, no firm may perform, offer, or claim to perform renovations covered by the RRP Rule without certification from EPA.

Certified Firm Application and Instructions 

Sample Filled-out Firm Application Form

These brochures are very helpful if you are trying to figure out how the rule will affect you, your employees and your business.  

EPA Small Entity Compliance Guide to Renovate Right

EPA Steps to Lead Safe Renovation, Repair and Painting

EPA Lead-Safe Certification Program Trade Press  Materials

EPA is placing ads in various publications and venues to get the word out to contractors and those who influence them about the new Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule.  


EPA: State Information on Solid and Hazardous Waste Disposal

Depending on your location, construction debris related to RRP renovations may or may not be treated as normal household trash.

National Lead Information Center Document Request Form

Receive up to 15 free documents from the EPA

For more information on compliance assistance
contact EPA's Small Business Ombudsman at               202-566-2075