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Breaking 1 Million in Remodeling


Successfully growing your remodeling or home improvement business up to and past the $1 Million threshold requires a lot of strategic planning. Doing it should not be left up to good luck. The articles below were written by the course instructors and are shared here to help Business Owners learn more about the things they and their businesses will need to consider as they work on and grow their businesses.


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Checklist: Is Your Remodeling Business at Risk of Becoming Mediocre?

Growing and running your business by the seat of your pants is a sure way to create a mediocre business that will never generate maximum profits. This article offers several ways business owners can determine if they and their businesses are headed for mediocrity.  It also offers options to help you and your business get back on track. Read More >

Breaking Past $1M At Your Remodeling Business: The Set Up

As a remodeling business seeks to grow past the $1million a year threshold things can very difficult for most business owners.  Taking the jump can even be fatal for the business. I call it the “Take-Off Stage” because either the business takes off successfully, or it doesn’t.  Read More >

Breaking Past $1M in Remodeling: Typical Characteristics of the “Take-Off Stage”

Every remodeling business and its owner are different from other remodeling businesses and their owners. This is because remodeling businesses are typically not designed, they just happen.  As a result, both the business and the owner evolve forward based on and limited by the skills and knowledge the owner brings to the business.    Read More >

Breaking Past $1M in Remodeling: Getting Ready To Do It

Before you make the jump consider these business owner considerations and the business goals. These are the kinds of things you will need to work on to help get yourself and your business on the path to successfully break past $1M and increase profits at the same time you grow.  Read More >

Five Remodeling Business Myths That Get In The Way Of Growing Past $1M

There are many remodeling business myths that seem to have become truths for way too many remodelers. That’s too bad. Believing those myths may be holding them back from being able to grow their businesses. Allowing these myths to remain in place will definitely prevent remodelers from successfully growing their businesses past the $1 Million installed sales threshold.  Read More >

Correct These 3 Remodeling Business Dysfunctions Before You Grow Past $1M

If you are not realizing the success you hoped for when you started your remodeling business you might want to consider and address these three indicators of a dysfunctional remodeling business before planning any additional growth.  Read More >

Financial System Considerations for Remodelers Looking To Break $1Million

Growing a remodeling business past $1Million a year of installed sales comes with new costs and expenses as the number of employees and overhead related activities naturally increase.   Just like estimating the cost of a remodeling project, the business owner will need a practical plan for growing the business and an accurate estimate of the costs related to growing it.  Read More >

Marketing System Considerations for Remodelers Looking to Break $1Million

Most remodelers, but certainly not all, rely heavily on referrals and repeat customers as they grow their businesses.  This may keep a contractor doing a low volume of work busy, but relying so exclusively on referrals won't be adequate if you want to become a construction business owner, break the $1Million installed sales threshold and develop a constantly growing business.  Read More >

Design and Specification Considerations for Remodelers Looking to Break $1Million

If your goal is to grow your remodeling business past the $1Million installed sales volume threshold the business will need a design and or specification process.  That process must support the ability to perform a "handoff" between the salesperson and the production team that will build sold projects.

Sales System Considerations for Remodelers Looking to Break $1Million

Well before attempting to break past $Million in installed sales remodelers and home improvement contractors should already have an established and tested sales system in place.  The system should be well defined. Those involved with selling, as well as supporting the sales department at your business, must be trained and held accountable to using it correctly and consistently.