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What is Required To Become A Licensed Lead Inspector?

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Fri, Aug 27, 2010 @ 09:32 AM

What is Required To Become A Licensed Lead Inspector?

Licensed Lead InspectorMany remodelers have shared with me that they have been entertaining the idea of become licensed lead inspectors.  Recognizing the new EPA RRP rule as here to stay, many see doing inspections as an opportunity to diversify their business's offerings and at the same time add some much needed revenue due to our current economic challenges.

I asked John MacIsaac of ASAP Environmental, a lead testing expert and recognized leader in his industry, to write an article for RRPedia.  The article below was written by John to help contractors understand what is involved if they would like to consider become inspectors.  John pointed out to me that licensing requirements definitely vary from state to state.  John's article is specific to Massachusetts requirements, but should help provide a general understanding of what to expect if you seek to be licensed in other states.

The Article:

The first step in being licensed as a lead inspector in Massachusetts is to attend a six-day, 48-hour CLPPP approved training course.  The course costs $1675 at The Institute of Environmental Education (IEE).  The training course teaches how to perform lead inspections and risk assessments in residential property in Massachusetts. Topics include background information on lead, sources of lead exposure, health effects for adults and children, regulatory information, testing equipment, and procedures for performing lead inspections, risk assessments, re-inspections and post compliance inspections.  Once the course is completed you have to take an exam given by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.  You will need an 80% or better in order to pass the test.  There is no charge to take this test.

Blood Test VialUpon successful completion of the examination and a lead physical and blood test, you need to complete an apprenticeship program with a licensed Master Lead Inspector.  It costs between $3,000 and $5,000 to do an apprenticeship.  You must work with the Master Lead Inspector for a total of 80 hours and you must accompany the Master inspector on 15 inspections.  The 15 inspections will consist of 7 Initial Inspections (5 using the XRF gun and 2 using sodium sulfide), 6 re-occupancy reinspections or final deleading reinspections, and 2 PCADs (post compliance assessment determinations). 

Once the apprenticeship is completed the paperwork is sent to the Childhood Lead Poising Prevention Program (CLPPP) and they will issue you a lead inspector’s license for Massachusetts.  This license will allow you to do Initial Lead Inspections, Reinspections, and Lead Determinations.  It will also allow you to issue Letters of Reoccupancy and Letters of Compliance.  The license will only be valid in Massachusetts.  There is no reciprocity with your licenses, in other words you will not be able to use the license in any other state for inspections.  All other states in New England have their own licensing process that would need to be followed to inspect in that state.

After having preformed 75 Inspections or Reinspections you can apply for a risk assessors licenses in MA.  As a Risk assessor you can do risk assessments for interim control. 

CLPPP offers refresher courses that will need to be taken periodically to maintain your license.  They are a 1 day course with a test at the end of the day that you must pass in order to maintain your license

You must renew your license once a year.  For Lead Inspectors/Risk Assessors the renewal fee is $325.  For Master Lead Inspectors the fee is $425.

XRF GunBrand new XRF Machines go for anywhere from $15,000 to upwards of $30,000.  You may be able to purchase one used from the manufacturer or online.  It can cost upwards of $5,000 a year to maintain them. 

If you are a Certified State Licensed Renovator as well as a Certified Lead Inspector, Massachusetts will not allow you to do Comprehensive Initial Inspections, Risk Assessments, or Lead Determinations on your own property or a property you are working on (RRP) because of a potential conflict of interest.  You will be required to have it tested by another Massachusetts licensed inspector.

For information you can go to the following:

Childhood Lead Poison Prevention Program (CLPPP)

Massachusetts Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program’s database for lead inspected homes.

MA Department of Occupational Safety (DOS)


Institute for Environmental Education (IEE)

RMD Instruments

Thermo Scientific

Note:  This information was provided by John MacIsaac of ASAP Environmental, Inc.

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