What categories of Massachusetts CLS continuing education training topics are required to renew a MA CSL?

Information about renewing a Mass CSL


In July of 2011 the MA Department of Public Safety (DPS) announced that it was requiring continuing education credits (CEUs) to renew all categories of CSL license types in Massachusetts.  


Get the right credits you need to renew a MA CSL

When it’s time to renew a Massachusetts CSL license, CSL License holders must complete at least one credit hour of continuing education in each of the following five categories listed below.   The balance of credit hours needed to renew your specific Mass CSL license type can come from completing MA approved CSL CEU classes from any of the five required categories or can come from attending approved training classes that have been identified as “CSL elective classes”

Make sure to get course completion certificates for each course you take from your CSL continuing education trainer.   CSL CEU certificates are required to indicate and prove which category or categories the class you took has been approved for. 

MA CSL renewal requires continuing education credits in the following five subject areas:

  • MA CSL CEU Class TopicsCode Review                                       
  • Workplace Safety                                
  • Business Practices / Workers' Compensation
  • Energy (***except Demolition Specialty License)                       
  • Lead Safe Practices (***only first renewal cycle) 


*** Be sure to note the exceptions above!

  • The Demolition Specialty License does require six credits, but a credit in the “Energy” category is not required.  
  • For all licenses, credit in the “Lead Safe Practices” category is only required the first time you renew your MA CSL license.  After the first renewal of your license, regardless of type, your will still need the required number of credit hours for the respective license, but “Lead Safe Practices” credit will not be a required category for subsequent renewals.    


Make sure to get course completion certificates for each CSL continuing education class you take to renew a MA CSL.   Copies of completion certificates are required to be included when you submit your application for CSL renewal, as the certificates are required to confirm the course category(s) the course has been approved for.  Check out this sample certificate of completion for CSL continuing education credit so you can see what should be on the certificates(s) you get from your CSL continuing education credits trainer


Please refer to the regulations for detailed requirements.

If you have any questions you can contact Kim Spencer at the MA Department of Public Safety @ 617-826-5224 or kimberly.spencer@state.ma.us



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