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Resources About Lead and the EPA RRP Rule for Home Owners and Contractors

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Mon, Jun 28, 2010 @ 08:00 PM

Child and homeMany remodelers have asked me about resources they can use to find out more about lead, lead poisoning and the EPA RRP rule.  When I ask them why they are looking for this information two common reasons seem to rise to the top.  First, they are looking to better educate themsleves about lead and lead poisoning so they can be better prepared to discuss the health risks of lead with their clients and prospects.  Second, they are looking for resources to share with their prospects and clients, either as part of their marketing efforts or to add to their web sites.

To help remodelers and others, I have collected the following resources.  If you know of additional resources that would be beneficial, please be sure to share them here by posting them to the comment area below. 

Helpful Videos:

-Remodeler Greg Antonioli of Out of the Woods Construction and Cabinetry, Inc posted his own public service announcement on his company's web site.  Click here to view Greg's PSA.  The video was produced by fellow NARI member Chuck Green of Perpetual Motion Pictures 

-In a blog by Monte Smith, Smith has posted 8 videos he found on YouTube.  In his blog, Smith states he assembled eight videos  that, if viewed, will allow the viewer a broad view of the lead/RRP subject from multiple points of view.  He also strongly encourages anyone and everyone to invest a little over an hour of their time to watch the videos and become familiar with this topic.

-Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma says the RRP Rule is a serious problem and a jobs killer.  He offers more information on his website


Information About Working Lead-Safe

A Guide to working safely with residential lead paint

Field Guide for Painting, Home Maintenance and Renovation Work

How to Safely Change a Lead Contaminated HEPA Vac Bag

OSHA standards for cleaning a respirator apply to EPA RRP work

What do I need to know about Respirators when doing EPA RRP work?

Restricted Practices and Prohibited Practices under the EPA RRP Rule


 Web Site List:

(1) Information on Lead for Everyone:


(2) Information regarding the Lead RRP rule on EPA's website:


(3) Information about all EPA's lead programs:


(4) The Federal Register notice for the rule (April 22, 2008):


(5) Link to Federal Resister notice for opt-out provision removal on RRP rule (May 06, 2010):


(6) Pollution Prevention and Toxics Frequently Asked Questions with answers (Note the expandable topics list and key word search feature on the right side of the page):


(7) HUD Lead page:


(8) EPA Lead-Safe Certification Program Trade Press Downloadable Materials: EPA is placing ads in various publications and venues to get the word out to contractors and those who influence them about the new Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule requirement that contractors must be lead-safe certified by April 22, 2010. If you are a contractor or someone who interacts regularly with contractors, EPA is seeking help in get the word out about the new rule.   EPA suggests downloading these outreach materials and distributing them by mail, e-mail, your place of business, or by placing them in specialty publications.


(9) There are a variety of Public Service Announcements available for download on the leadfreekids.org web site.  these include announcements for TV, radio, color print, newspaper and web banners.



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