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Concerns about misiformation at EPA RRP Certified Renovator Training

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Fri, Apr 16, 2010 @ 10:00 AM

Not all EPA Certified Renovator training classes are equal.  The quality and effectiveness of training classes and instructors vary greatly. Contractors should seek to pre-qualify the quality of a training class and the instructor before either attending themselves or sending their employees. The right instructor can make a world of difference. 

workerWithout practical experience with the realities of remodeling, an instructor might only be book smart.   Most attendees have questions about how the work practices need to be applied to the kind(s) of work they do.  If an instructor lacks the ability to provide concrete examples and context for the work practices being taught at the class, field employees are likely to quickly lose interest and the ability to focus during the 8 hour day.

Also, contractors who have attended the training report that many trainers get off topic and as a result attendees can miss out on important information required to stay in compliance and avoid liabilities.  Some classes have even have gone well beyond the scheduled end time, which can be costly if you are paying employees for their time to attend. 

Make sure cost is not your only deciding factor.  Just like choosing a good remodeler, referrals and references can be the best way to find a good class and instructor. For more on choosing a class and instructor, click here to read one of Shawn's Remodeling magazine blogs titled: Sharing the Knowledge: Thoughts on Your RRP Training Experience?

I caught Joe Cracco of Modern Yankee Builders in Cumberland RI at the JLC LIVE Trade Show in Providence in March 2010. Joe had just completed the EPA Certified Renovator training at the show.  In this video Joe  shares his concerns about misinformation he received at the class he attended and how it could affect his and other contractor's businesses. 



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