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EPA Approved Lead Test Kit Instructions

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Tue, Nov 09, 2010 @ 07:00 AM

EPA Approved Lead Test Kit Instructions

Currently there are only two commercially available Lead Test Kits approved by EPA for use on RRP regulated renovations. The approved test kits are offered by Hybrivet Systems, Inc. and ESCA Tech, Inc.  Selecting a lead test kit should be an informed decision. 

Lead Check Test KitHybrivet Systems, Inc. manufactures and distributes the Lead Check test kit






D-Lead Lead Test KitESCA Tech, Inc. manufactures and distributes the D-Lead Test kit






There is one more EPA-recognized test kit, called the Massachusetts Lead Test Kit.  The Massachusetts Test Kit is not commercially available and can only be used by trained professionals—risk assessors or lead abatement professionals

Below, I have included links to written instructions as well as video instructions for both test kits for your convenience.  I find the lead test kit videos particularly helpful because viewers can actually see how each test kit is typically used, what is involved and make a judgment about how long each test will take.


Lead Check Test Kit Video Instructions


Lead Check Test Kit Written Instructions


D-Lead Test Kit Video Instructions


D-Lead Test Kit Written Instructions


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