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Amending An EPA RRP Firm Certification

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Fri, Feb 24, 2012 @ 05:00 AM

Amending An EPA RRP Firm Certification

EPA RRP Certified Firm ApplicationThe EPA RRP Rule provides certified firms with adequate time to amend their certification whenever a change to the information included in their RRP Certified Firm application occurs.  You just need to be aware of the requirement to do so and make sure to remember to do so should your information change.

Examples of amendments include a change in the firm's name without transfer of ownership, or a change of address or other contact information.

A firm must amend its certification within 90 days whenever a change occurs to information included in the firm's most recent application. Also, If the firm fails to amend its certification within 90 days of the date the change occurred, the firm would not be authorized to perform renovations until its certification has been amended.  This would be a tough thing for EPA to discover or track proactively, it would most likely happen if the firm was being audited or investigated.



How to Amend your RRP Certified Firm Application

To amend its certification, a firm must:
  • Amend its certification within 90 days of the date a change occurs to information included in the firm's most recent application.
  • Submit an application, noting on the form that it was submitted as an amendment.
  • Complete the sections of the application pertaining to the new information, and sign and date the form.
  • Include the correct amount of fees.


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Important Additional Considerations

  • If one of your sub contractors neglects to update their application they will be violating the rule when working on one of your projects and could cause problems for your business.
  • Amending a certification will not affect the validity of the existing certification or extend the certification expiration date.
  • EPA will issue the firm a new certificate if necessary to reflect information included in the amendment.
  • Firm certifications are not transferable--if the firm is sold, the new owner must submit a new initial application for certification in accordance with 40 CFR 745.89(a).
  • If additional information is needed to process the amendment, or the firm did not pay the correct amount of fees, EPA will request the firm to submit the necessary information or fees.
  • The firm's certification is not amended until the firm complies with the request.


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