Meet Shawn McCadden, Remodeling Industry Specialist, (Retired)

Shawn McCadden - a day without education is wasted

Shawn McCadden, now a retired remodeling industry speaker and remodeling consultant, is one of the most prominent figures in the remodeling industry. He obtained his builder's license by age 18; founded, operated, and sold a successful employee-managed design/build firm; co-founded the Residential Design/Build Institute; and went on to become director of education and business innovations for a major national bath and kitchen remodeling franchise company. 

Throughout his career Shawn spoke frequently at industry conferences and trade events, including JLC LIVE and The Remodeling Show, consulted with remodeling companies and the supply chain, and still today writes a monthly column for Qualified Remodeler Magazine.

During is career Shawn concentrated on working with aspiring remodelers, helping them discover, identify and achieve their professional and personal goals. Shawn’s goal as a business coach for remodelers, working with business owners and their employees, was to help them see their opportunities, help them learn how to consistently accomplish their goals and develop the motivation they needed to be accountable for their own success.

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