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An Adult Daughter’s Thoughts About Growing Up A Contractor's Child

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Sun, Oct 01,2017 @ 05:00 AM

An Adult Daughter’s Thoughts about Growing up a Contractor's Child

Katelyn McCaddenMy dad asked me if I would write an article for him about the value of being raised as a contractor’s daughter, and how that might differ from other people’s experiences. I can’t actually imagine what it might be like to not be a contractor’s daughter. My childhood was filled with the smell of sawdust flying through the air, and classic rock crackling in from a dusty radio. Many of my earliest memories are of playing with my sister at the office around proudly branded displays of windows and shutters, and pretending to be mermaids in the basement storage. It shaped who I am.


My ambitious driven father, tempered by my fiery compassionate mother, expertly juggled raising us and running the company. Custom Contracting was as much a home to us as any other; a spot where our family worked together towards earning our place in the world. It made our family unit a team capable of moving mountains.

Growing up as a contractor's childMore than once I watched my father and his brothers build a house or barn. I cannot begin to describe to you the lingering feeling of awe which this type of undertaking inspires. With synchronicity honed their whole lives, they would take a wooded hill and a stack of reclaimed lumber, and create monoliths to my child’s eyes.

Not every moment was filled with awe and inspiration. My sister and I cleaned and helped renovate rental properties, we split hauled and stacked firewood, and we slaved through endless yard work. We hated (nearly) every minute of it. But we took great pride in our accomplishments, and the warmth of our house in the winter. I find that, as a young adult, I am not only more capable than my peers, I also believe myself more capable. I can hammer a nail and fix a sink better than most people I know, male or female. Because I am so confident in my abilities, I never think twice about taking on the world.

Life as a contractor's daughterAs the dust settles on my wild adolescence I have carried with me a foundation of values on which to build my adult life. Now it seems I just can’t shake the need to buy my own house and some dirt to sit it on. I find that less and less of my down time is spent scrolling Facebook, and more and more is spent Googling the cost of putting in a septic system and what contributes to real estate values. As I drive down the street I find myself judging the quality of people’s roofs and cringing at water damage where proper gutter installation is begging to be.

So, I can’t imagine what life must be like for someone who was raised in world without wet paint and sawdust, without a family who builds monoliths and moves mountains, or without pride in the woodstove thawing my frozen fingers. I am defined by so many of these things. Being a contractor’s daughter created a world for me screaming with potential and teeming with possibilities, and a hard earned confidence to succeed at even my wildest dreams.

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Guest Blogger:  Kate McCadden is the oldest child in the McCadden family.  She’s the one in the family with the creative artistic abilities.  She is working on her career to become a writer and plans to get rich writing a book everyone will want to read. 

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You Built It: Happy Independance Day!

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Thu, Jul 02,2015 @ 06:30 AM

You Built It:  Happy Independence Day!

Contractors build AmericaThe plaque below is for every contractor and construction business owner who has built their business from the ground up. Only those who have done it know what it takes and have experienced the joys, challenges and pride that come with small business ownership.   This 4th of July be sure to once again recognize and celebrate the rights we have as Americans to stand erect and proud of our personal accomplishments. 

I found the plaque below at a yard sale in the "Live Free or Die" state of NH.  I proudly hang it in my office where I can see it everyday.  I hope you and yours have a great 4th of July Holiday with friends and family.  Thanks for building and remodeling the American Dream!




Inspirations for contractors

Happy 4th of July 2015!

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Will Drones Be Watching and Servicing Contractors In The Near Future?

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Tue, Feb 04,2014 @ 06:00 AM

Will Drones Be Watching and Servicing Contractors In The Near Future?

Drones watching contracors



Drones may soon become part of everyday life for contractors.  Depending on their purpose, drones could be a contractor’s helpful friend or his worst nightmare.   If your business has something to hide there could be danger from up above.  If you need a quick delivery a drone may soon be the method of choice.  Either way, you might want to make sure you have your hardhat on, both to protect yourself from falling items and to avoid an OSHA violation.


If you think my imagination has run wild check out the video below.   For about $1200 bucks you can get a pretty easy to use drone that will communicate with your IPhone.   I watched it and it got me to thinking about how contractors and others may use drones in the near future.   I encourage you to watch it and imagine ways you could use one for your business.  After you watch it check out my short list of likely uses for contractors, the government and even the vendors you do business with.  



Here are a few ideas that came to me after watching the video

Ways contractors might use drones

  • Measuring the roof without pulling out a ladder.
  • Check the condition of the chimney flashing.
  • Jobsite fly around replaces the walk around to see how things are going.
  • Create bird’s eye view before, during and after videos or photos of your projects to use for marketing on your website.


Ways vendors might use drones

  • Will contractors use dronesFast delivery of that one joist hanger you’re missing so you can put the floor sheathing down and get the wall framing going
  • The local print shop delivers the three copies of the plan set you need to apply for that building permit this afternoon.
  • Your exterior products supplier sends a drone over your job site to measure the roof and then gets the materials ready for first delivery in the morning.


Here are a few ways the government might use drones to keep an eye on contractors.

  • OSHA inspector uses it at a large development project to scan the entire site for violations.  Site conditions are all recorded on video and individual clips of each offense in action are included as part of the violation notice the GC receives.
  • EPA can do RRP inspections at will.  The camera software in the drone has the ability to recognize ladders and the drone is programmed to only fly by homes built prior to 1978.
  • Your State DEP sets up their drones to fly by all DEP sites to make sure all water management requirements are in place and any land clearing work completed doesn’t exceed what was approved.


Predicting the future or pure fantasy?

how contractors will use drones in the futureI first came across this topic in a discussion posted to LinkedIn by Alec Caldwell.  One commenter said Caldwell was "fear mongering" and suggested he get a grip on his imagination.  I disagree and think the uses for drones will only be limited by our imagination or government regulation.   We’ll have to see which one wins out. 

Here is one example where the government used drones to help convict a North Dakota farmer, claimed to be the first case of its kind.  

How about you?  Is this science fiction or can you imagine other uses for drones that would help and or hinder contractors?



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All I want for Christmas… Is a Real Production Manager!

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Thu, Dec 19,2013 @ 06:00 AM

Steve St Onge


Guest Blogger:  Steve St. Onge founded RI Kitchen & Bath, an award-winning design/build residential and light commercial remodeling company located in Warwick RI specializing in kitchens, baths, and multi-trade interior renovation projects.  Steve contacted me about help finding a production manager, so I convinced him to do this guest blog as a way to find a good candidate.  Steve can be reached via email at



All I want for Christmas… Is a Real Production Manager!

Dear Santa Series


OK, so why is it so hard to find a complete package???

I want an employee who has:

  • A complete understanding of residential construction including knowledge about the challenges of older homes – say built before 1940, and also a working knowledge of current building code. 
  • A person with field installation experience so they understand just how long a task should take and what a quality fit and finish really looks like.
  • A people person – someone who can assemble and motivate a team of skilled professionals to complete projects on time, as well as maintaining a professional, respectful and solid working relationship with the architects and sales and design team that brought the project to us in the first place, with the ability to overcome challenges of missing information or changes, along with that all important trait of empathy for the client’s experience.
  • Production Manager wantedA communicator -someone who can exchange ideas, and be open to other’s solutions in addition to being able to clearly articulate their ideas through verbal and written channels in a timely and responsive manner.
  • A problem averter, not just a problem solver, because once there is a problem, it is too late.  This has to be someone that has vision and can plan and then implement that plan.
  • A detail person, someone who is organized, doesn’t lose the details and can create spreadsheets and collate data to analyze the stats and make adjustments to stay on schedule or increase efficiencies.
  • A tech savvy person, who understands how to leverage technology and use it in new and creative ways to manage multiple projects and tasks at the same time.
  • A student- someone who wants to continue to learn, and grow and accept new challenges.
  • A teacher- someone who is willing and able to share their knowledge to help others.
  • A happy person with good manners and a pleasant demeanor - someone you would invite to dinner.

Is this too much to ask?   I’ve been good….  Really.

 Production manager wanted


This is the second blog article in the "All I want for Christmas" series here at the Design/Builders Blog.

If you would like to contribute a guest blog for the Design/Builders Blog email Shawn with your suggest topic.


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All I Want For Christmas Is A Real Business Management System Software

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Sat, Dec 14,2013 @ 06:00 AM

All I Want For Christmas Is A Real Business Management System Software

Christmas present for a contractor


Its Christmas time and I like to get presents.  Being surprised is always nice.  But when you get what you asked for it can be even better.   If Santa is listening here’s my request:

“I wish that someday the residential construction industry will have a true single solution business management software system”

I know some companies claim to have a full or complete system, but I have yet to find one that really does.  Most handle the front or back end of the business, but I have yet to find one where the front end supports the back end.


Santa, please give these specifications to your elves

  • First, the product would be one system, not a bunch of systems and or disparate apps.
  • I’m looking for a system that actually does include everything a remodeling or construction business needs from cradle to grave for each prospect, customer and project. 
  • It needs to be web based so the entire team can have access to it whenever they need to; office and field staff.
  • It would be designed and built by a company that actually understands how a remodeling business should be run, and includes best practices that will be adopted; not adapted by the users.  
  • Business software for contractorsI want to be able to assign tasks and duties to employees, prospects and customers, and I want to be able to track and verify whether things are getting done and done in a timely manner.
  • I want a system that helps me see and know things are under control so I don’t need to always take over control of things.
  • It would include the ability and the requirement to do things like first creating a financial budget.  Then it would use the budget information to calculate and automatically apply the markup the business needs to use to reach its overhead and profit requirements.
  • It would include the ability to create a strategic and measurable marketing strategy including the ability to schedule and assign fulfillment of marketing tactics included in my plan and budget.
  • The system would tell me if the marketing tactics being used are actuality providing the intended ROI. 
  • The system would include a dash board of the key metrics the business needs to keep and eye on to know if things are on track or not;  against the business’ plan for things like budget, marketing goals and sales goals.
  • A system that would help me implement and manage a profit sharing program that is accurate and fair to both the employees and the business.
  • Estimated costs for labor hours added to an estimate will automatically be based on the true burdened labor costs for the business using it, based on that budget that was entered.
  • When time cards are entered into the financial module the actual burdened labor rate of the employee who did the work will be reflected in the job cost reports.
  • Management syatem for remodelersA system that can provide true apples to apples comparison of estimated to actual job costs and estimated to actual overhead costs.
  • One that includes an estimating system that actually generates an accurate materials list I can order with, as well as detailed work orders for employees and subs.
  • One that warns you how much money you will lose, or alternately, how much more volume you need to sell and produce, when sales staff may be tempted to drop the price below what the system says is the recommended selling price.  
  • One that helps make sure my company, my employees and my subs are complying with the RRP Rule and relevant OSHA requirements.
  • It would come with training that goes beyond just how to use the software.  The training I am imagining would include clarity on the “HOW” and the “WHY” the best practices included within the system work and contribute to a successful business.

Santa, If you like my specs so far let me know, I can keep going…


Many may say that I’m dreaming, asking for the impossible...

I disagree. 

I truly believe it can be done if the right company and the right experts work together to make it happen.    

Managment Software for contractors


So Santa, if you really want to make me happy this Christmas please make sure I find the system under the tree on Christmas morning.   If your elves don’t have the skills or knowledge to put it all together have them give me a call.   I’ve got the specifications and best practices part under control.  If you have elves who can design the software and write the code together we could get it done in time for Christmas next year and make a lot of construction business owners very happy!


Feel free to use the comments area below if you want to add to the list.  Only contractors who have been nice though!


This is the first blog article in the "All I want for Christmas" series here at the Design/Builders Blog.

If you would like to contribute a guest blog for the Design/Builders Blog email Shawn with your suggest topic.

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Contractors, Were You Being Thankful and Did You Giving Thanks Too?

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Tue, Dec 03,2013 @ 06:00 AM

Contractors, Were You Being Thankful and Did You Giving Thanks Too?

Thanksgiving Thoughts for Contractors

How did you celebrate Thanksgiving this year?

I hope you did something to thank the world around you for what you have and should be thankful for!

Here's what I did

My wife, daughter and I volunteered for the day helping put together and deliver meals for those less fortunate than us.   I belong to the Hudson Fish and Game Club in Hudson NH.   Every Thanksgiving, the club, its members and lots of volunteers all work together to make this annual event a reality for the surrounding communities.   It sure feels good to be part of the efforts.  In past years we have also helped with the delivery of the meals.   Although some drop-offs are an eye opener about how tough things are for may people, it’s also a great feeling to drop by with a bag chock-full of Thanksgiving dinner, rolls, pie, fruits, gravy and whole bunch more of traditional Thanksgiving treats.  The giant smiles and even sometimes the joyful tears can make your day!



Getting Everything Ready For The Big Day

HFG Thankgiving Dinner

HFG Meal Delivery Bags

Hudson Fish and Game Turkey Dinner Hudson Fish and Game Thanksgiving Volunteer



Volunteers Help Fill Plates For Delivery
HFG Thanksgiving Food Line Filling Thanksgiving plates at Hudson Fish and Game


 Almost 1200 Meals Were Prepared and Delivered!
Thanksgiving Dinner from Hudson Fish and Game Hudson Fish and Game delivers Thanksgiving meals


Did You Give Thanks To Your Employees Too!

One important way to spread the Thanksgiving spirit is to thank your employees.  My daughter got the message below as a text message from her boss.   She got it Thanksgiving morning while we were on the way to the Fish and Game Club to volunteer for the day.

"Happy Thanks Giving Kate!!  Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.  You are truly a wonderfully kind person Kate :)   Eat some great food today..  Salute!"

After she read it she let out a big "WOW" and couldn't wait to read it to my wife and I.   She was touched by her boss's message and even more proud to read it out loud to my wife and I.  It put a huge smile on her face and on mine as well!  

Her boss will get paid back in spades for that simple gesture!


I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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The Crazy Things Home Owners Say To Contractors

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Tue, Jun 04,2013 @ 06:00 AM

The Crazy Things Home Owners Say To Contractors

Crazy things customers say


Any contractor who has been in business even for a short time has probably had to shake his/her head at something a prospect or client has said during conversation.  Often times the statement or question might be the result of the homeowner’s honest ignorance about how construction and contracting work.  On the other hand sometimes it seems the logic behind their statements comes from left field or maybe even from some distant galaxy!

Here are a few that I have experienced and one recently shared with me by a contractor I work with.  I thought it would be fun to share these and see if others would share some of their own experiences about what crazy clients and prospects have said to them.  Remember, the purpose is to be fun and informative.  Please be professional!


You pay your guys $75/hr!

Crazy things prospects sayWhen I owned my remodeling business I had one prospect question me about a quote I gave her for some repair work at her home.   She asked me what I was charging her per hour for the carpenter who would be doing the work.  I told her the hourly rate would be $75.00 per hour.  To that she responded in a very dramatic tone; “You pay your guys $75.00 an hour?”  

I was dumb founded and had no idea how to respond to that one.  What does it say about our school systems and or the intelligence level of consumers when they think a business charges $75/hr for services rendered but then turns around and pays the person doing the work the full $75/hr?  Did that woman think I started and ran a business just so I could collect money and then turn around and give it all away, no money to cover overhead costs, labor burdens and profit?


It’s your fault my basement is flooded

Crazy CustomersOn another project my remodeling business was working on, a kitchen renovation, the client’s basement flooded during a heavy rain storm.   Their gutters were packed with leaves and as a result the water on the roof just flowed over their gutters and right into the areaway for the basement access door.   This all happened overnight after my employees had left for the day.  

The customer called us first thing the next morning to complain and said it had never happened before and must be our fault because we were there doing work on their home.   Of course we panicked thinking it was a broken pipe.  When we got there and discovered the real reason for the flood the home owner actually told my carpenter she would not hold us responsible for the flood if we cleaned her gutters and pumped the water out of her basement for free!


The Angie’s List complaint tactic

customer problems for contractorsOne of my consulting/coaching clients told me one of his customers complained about a 1/32” gap in a miter joint on a built-in cabinet he built.  The customer went on to make a big stink about it and made some threats.  Then the customer told the contractor to forgive the final payment due or “ I will go to every place I can find you on the net and write a bad review”.

The contractor told me he did stand up for himself and called the customer's bluff.  Eventually he was paid in full but said it was very stressful. I don’t know about you but I would call that blackmail or maybe even extortion!  Think about that scenario.  What would you do?  Would you stand up for what’s right and demand your final payment?  A bad write-up on Angie’s list could cost a business far more in bad PR than the balance of money due.  Plus, it’s my understanding that businesses can’t be proactive about writing reviews about their clients at Angie’s List, they can only try to respond after a member customer has already posted a negative review.   Just ask Chris Dietz about his experiences with the Law suit he is going through regarding a review posted by one of his customers on Angie’s List and Yelp.


"The Vendor Client Relationship - In Real World Situations"



What about you? 

Have you experienced some crazy conversations and or comments from home owners during your years of experience as a contractor?  Please share them with the rest of us so we can all shake our heads and have a few good laughs as well!


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Three Thoughts for Contractors by Cowboy Legend Will Rogers

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Tue, Apr 16,2013 @ 06:00 AM

Three Thoughts for Contractors by Cowboy Legend Will Rogers

Will Rogers



Will Rogers, who died in a 1935 plane crash, was one of the greatest political sages this country has ever known.  He is well known for his quote:  “Don't squat with your spurs on”.  He also shared many other thought provoking but less popular sayings.   For a little fun I offer these three and what I think they could offer for advice to contractors

“Never miss a good chance to shut up”

Many contractors, me included, have probably had an occasion where we opened our mouths and wished we hadn’t.  Other times we open our mouths, and even though we may not realize it, others we interact with wish we hadn’t! 

Never miss a good chance to shut upHere are a few times when saying nothing might just be the best thing to say:

  • If your customer has already decided to buy, shut up.  Don’t risk giving him/her a reason to change their mind.
  • If you ask your prospect or customer a question, shut up.   Give them time to think and answer the question.  If due to the silence you keep talking or offer them answers to choose from you might not get the real answer.
  • If you have chance to disparage your competition, shut up.  More times than not the person listening to you will begin to think less of you for doing so.  Instead of talking bad about what they do or don’t do, talk about how you do what you do.


“Always drink upstream from the herd”

Will Rogers Quotes


When starting their businesses too many contractors look to what other contractors are doing and assume they should do the same.   The fact is that 9 of 10 contractors typically go out of business within 10 years of getting started.   The odds of copying the right contractor’s strategy are only 1 in 10. 

Here are a few things drinking downstream of other contractors can do to your construction business:

  • Use the wrong labor rates and markup to price your jobs assuming you need to be competitive.
  • Assume because another contractor quoted a price to a prospect you must be able to do it for that price as well.
  • Getting and using legal advice from online contractor discussion groups without consulting legal counsel before you do so.


“If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging”

Contractor Financial problemsA good number of contractors at one time or another find themselves in a financial hole.  Rather than figure out how they got there, they just keep working, often assuming by working harder or longer hours they will eventually get out of the hole.  Unfortunately many of them just dig a deeper hole and eventually the hole is so deep they can’t climb out so they stay in it.  Sometimes the hole can even cave in all around them and bury them and their businesses.  If you want to avoid the most common reasons contractors get into financial trouble check out this previous blog post.


Bonus saying:

Here’s one more from Will Rogers just for fun.  I’ll let you be the one to determine what this means to you!

 “There are three kinds of men:

  1. The ones that learn by reading.

  2. The few who learn by observation.

  3. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence and find out for themselves.”

 Quotes by Will Rogers


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Reading ROI For Contractors: Maximize Results Reading Business Books

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Sun, Feb 03,2013 @ 06:00 AM

Jim Lex, Better Homes and Remodeling


Guest Blogger: Jim Lex is the owner of Better Homes and Remodeling, a Design/Build firm serving the greater Atlanta area. His passion is to make homes better by designing and building spaces that serve better!  As a full service remodeler, he also offers home maintenance and handyman services. On the national level, Jim supports the construction industry by teaching classes on lead, mold and radon.  I ran into Jim on LinkedIn.  He participated in a discussion I had started about great business books for remodelers.  I liked some of the comments he added to discussion regarding his approach to reading and asked him to do a guest blog.

Reading ROI For Contractors: How To Maximize Results When Reading Business Books

Reading for a Positive Change

Reading for remodelersReading can be a powerful tool to help grow your remodeling business. However, reading is of little benefit when it is done casually. Casual reading works fine for the news, novels, and entertainment.  But with business, casual reading isn’t enough because it brings only casual results. As contractors, we need great results with measurable change.  If you haven’t been getting that from your reading, then perhaps it’s time for a reading pathway.

Reading for a Positive Change is a reading pathway involving several key steps that culminate in both personal and business growth.

Read wisely and widely

A wise king once said, “You can get anything by either wisdom or money, but being wise has many advantages.” So be sure to read wisely and widely to get all the advantages.

  • lots of books for remodelersRead wisely – Identify industry movers and shakers, ask for their referrals and check online book reviews. Starting with the right book ensures you are getting the best answers and insights.  It will save you time and money.
  • Read widely – Remodelers tend to be strong on technical skills and product knowledge.  But your positive change might be elsewhere like your presentation, office, or running your business. Read widely to improve your skills in other vital areas such as selling, design, marketing, managing, communicating, finances, technical/computer, building processes, and so on. Your width and depth in reading supports you like the width and depth of a foundation supports a home.

Great reads don’t always cost a lot.  With Amazon used books, I recently obtained several excellent business classics ($20 and up new) for as low as $1 each.

Read actively

To get the most from any read, begin with a posture that is open minded, disciplined and focused. Avoid early judgments of new ideas as you may miss the very thing you need most. Be sure to notate and contemplate:

  • Reading pathwayNotate – Use 1, 2 or 3 stars for anything you MUST remember or implement.  Highlight key concepts and paragraphs. Underline key industry words, phrases and clauses.
  • Contemplate – Review your learning notations.  Think about how and when you should be using your underlines.  Review your highlights and stars.  I often use times away from a book, such as driving, to process how challenges can be solved.  Questions I might ask myself include, how could I have closed that missed sale? What more could I be doing to obtain customer loyalty? How can I better manage customers expectations? After asking yourself insightful questions, talk it over with someone. It’s extremely beneficial to hear yourself processing it.  

Implement for a positive change

At the end of the day, if you don’t learn something new, understand it in your own words, and then implement it for a positive change, nothing happened! So don’t wait. Do something now while it is fresh in your mind.

  • Reding ROI For RemodelersBegin using the underlined words immediately.  It will increase your communication and professionalism.    
  • Create a one-page summary of takeaways as bullet points. It will help “nail down” what you learned.  At the bottom, write page #’s with “future” points to revisit.
  • Write implementation goals with start and finish dates. Work it and track your progress.  The success of your implementation is your return on investment.  And who doesn’t love a good ROI.

If your reading hasn’t been bringing great results with measurable change, then perhaps it’s time for a reading change.  A reading pathway can make a big difference and bring immediate results in your remodeling business!

** Quotes are proverbs from the wisdom literature.

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Window Giants To Face Off in Hockey Battle Supreme For a Good Cause!

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Thu, Jan 10,2013 @ 06:00 AM

Window Giants To Face Off in Hockey Battle Supreme For a Good Cause!

Marvin Loewen Hockey gameOn Saturday January 12th there’s going to be an international hockey battle in upstate Minnesota.  Window manufacturing rivals Marvin Windows and Loewen will each be sponsoring a hockey team made up of their employees.   The game is a charity event, but you can bet that winning the game, and taking bragging rights, will be a huge part of the event!

“We’re happy to invite our friends from Loewen to Warroad, to show them how we play hockey in Minnesota,” says Paul Marvin, Marvin's Director of Materials. “All kidding aside, these are two great companies that share a Northern heritage and a love of winter sports that crosses national borders. We’ll have players from just about every department, and every age range."

But, it’s not just about hockey. 

Warroad Olympic ArenaIt’s about building and maintaining a community.   This event is a fund raiser to help raise money for Warroad’s newly remodeled Olympic Arena. Refereeing the game will be Warroad native, NHL All-Star and 1980 Olympic gold medal “Miracle on Ice” team member Dave Christian.  I also found out there are already plans for a rematch in March on Loewen's turf in Canada!

If there’s a town that lives and breathes hockey, it’s Warroad Minnesota, home of Marvin Doors and Windows.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have been invited up to Warroad by Marvin to visit their corporate location, training center and manufacturing plant more than a dozen times.   Each time I hear and learn more about how important hockey is to the community in Warroad and for the employees at Marvin Windows and Doors.  One Marvin employee, Tim Slukynsky, Tours and Training Instructor, takes hockey very seriously.   Check out this video of Tim and his kids’ backyard hockey rink.  I can tell you from my experiences chatting with Tim; he does this rink every year for the love of hockey and instilling that same love in the children of the Warroad Community. 



Other than ice fishing, what the heck else would kids want to do during those cold Minnesota winters besides play hockey at Tim's House! That's where I would be!



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