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Free RRP Renovation Checklist Will Help You Document Work Practices

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Thu, Dec 12,2013 @ 06:00 AM

Free RRP Renovation Checklist Will Help You Estimate And Document RRP Work Practices

RRP Renovation Checklist free


One of the requirements of the RRP rule is that the certified firm must create and maintain documentation of the work practices used on any renovation projects falling under the RRP Rule.  EPA is not doing field inspections unless someone reports a violation of the rule.  Rather, EPA checks on a firm’s compliance with the rule through the required paperwork a renovation contractor must create and keep on file.

It has come to my attention that in addition to illegally operating businesses, even many RRP Certified firms are not doing this required paperwork.   That’s a big mistake with the potential of up to a $37,500 fine for not having the documentation if EPA does an audit.   Plus, if you don’t have any documentation to prove what you did do, you may be subject to additional fines because you won’t be able to prove you used any of the required work practices while completing the work. 

Remember, the fine is up to $37,500 per day, per violation! Ouch!

Help with RRP implementation

To help contractors out with implementing the RRP rule I will be presenting a half day RRP Implementation Workshop along with Mark Paskell of the Contractors Coaching Partnership.  The first workshop will be held in Mansfield MA at National Lumber on January 7th, 2014 from 8AM -12:30 PM.  Additional dates and locations will be announced soon. 

At the workshop I will be sharing a complete set of the required RRP documentation paperwork with attendees.   The paperwork bundle will include several custom forms I created to help contractors and their team members with RRP rule compliance. 

RRP Workshop for contractors


The RRP paperwork bundle will include all the forms a renovator needs:

  • Non-Certified Worker Training Documentation Form
  • Lead Test Kit Documentation Form
  • Paint Chip Sample Collection Form
  • Occupant Pre-Renovation Notification Form
  • Common Area Renovation Notice
  • Record of Tenant Notification Procedures form
  • Renovation Recordkeeping Checklist Form


About the free RRP renovation Checklist

The form that I think will be most valuable to attendees is the Renovation Recordkeeping Checklist Form.  When I created this customized 3 page form I did it in a way such that the same form can be used in three different ways as follows:

RRP Checklist Form
  • The estimator can use it to help assess what work practices will need to be included in his estimated costs, for both interior and exterior projects.
  • The production manager can then use the same form to go over RRP work practices and containment requirements with the team doing the project.
  • The certified renovator can then use the same form to document what work practices were actually used.
  • Because of the design of the form, employee are less likely to miss or forget what needs to be done to be in and prove compliance.


At the workshop I will be going over the forms and how to use them to properly and accurately prove compliance with the rule.    After doing so at previous workshops many of the attendees said they found that RRP compliance and completing the required documentation was nowhere near as hard or as time consuming as they had imagined.  Plus, they found my forms to be easier to use and much more intuitive that the EPA sample forms.

download free RRP checklist

Shawn McCadden speaker for remodeler events

Click here for information about the workshop

If you would like to Shawn to conduct the RRP Implementation Workshop at your place of business email Shawn or call him at 978-726-6531




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