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Resources for Aging Remodelers and Remodelers Serving Seniors

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Tue, Sep 15,2015 @ 06:00 AM

Resources for Aging Remodelers and Remodelers Serving Seniors

aging in place information for remodelersWe are all getting older every day.   That reality hit my wife and me a few years back, motivating us to seek a new home where we could happily and comfortably grow old together. We wanted a home configured to serve us as our health declines. Just as important we wanted one we could also afford to live in and maintain on our retirement income, without the need and cost to move to an assisted living facility. It’s called aging in place and it’s a huge opportunity for home builders and remodelers seeking to differentiate themselves. In this blog I share a list of links to resources and information for construction business owners and consumers preparing to grow old.  I also share the list to help contractors and their businesses take advantage of the opportunity and become part of the solution.  Here’s why:


  • 90% of seniors want to stay in their own home as they age
  • 60% have made improvements to increase their ability to live independently
  • 49% of seniors want to modify their current homes
  • 38% of seniors want a new, aging in place ready home
  • 27% is the increase businesses see by offering aging in place services


I didn’t assemble the links myself.

The links were emailed to me by Patricia Sarmiento who works for Public Health Corps. Their goal as an organization is to provide a hub of reputable and useful public information on health related topics that will empower others to make a difference in their community. According to the web site their mission is simple: Putting the public back into public health.

Public Health Corps Logo

Below is part of her list of helpful and educational resources

Patricia and I invite you to share it with others as you see fit. Share this information in your marketing, on Facebook or Twitter, and at your web site or blog. Use this information to increase your knowledge to better serve seniors. And, if you’re getting close to retirement age, use the information to help prepare your home and yourself for aging in place. Even contractors get old! Don’t you deserve a healthy and comfortable retirement just as much as your clients do?


senior aging in place at home

Aging in Place

Senior-Friendly Home Remodeling

22 Senior Health Risk Calculators for Healthy Aging 

Cats and Seniors 

Canine Caregivers for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients

Pets for the Elderly Foundation

Older Adults & Anxiety

Heart Attack Quiz

National Council for Aging Care



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Government Policies, Regulations Affecting Your Remodeling Businesses?

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Tue, Feb 12,2013 @ 06:00 AM

Unhappy With Government Policies and Regulations Affecting Remodeling Business?

Regulations affecting contractors


On February 5, 2013, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released a projection that the economy will remain slow this year. Unemployment is expected to remain above 7.5% through 2014 for a sixth consecutive year, the longest stretch in the past 70 years. While the CBO forecasts that the nation’s yearly deficit will dip below the trillion dollar threshold, it is projected to rise again later in the decade. Responsible spending reductions are needed to change that trajectory. By 2023, the national debt is projected to equal an unsustainable 77% of the nation’s economy (Gross Domestic Product), and still be going up.

Recently, the House Small Business Committee launched a new resource to help small businesses help shape federal regulations and add some real world common sense to the process. This initiative, Small Biz Reg Watch,” will highlight proposed regulations that will likely affect small firms, and inform business owners of how to make comments to the appropriate federal agency.



Chairman Sam Graves Discusses Small Business and the Economy


Policies affecting contractorsMake Your Opinion Known

Most small businesses do not have lawyers or lobbyists to help them with regulatory compliance, like some larger corporations do. Not all regulations are bad, but many can be unnecessarily burdensome, so it is important that small companies get to express their concerns before rules become final. Small businesses bear a regulatory cost that is much higher than the cost of compliance for large businesses. This initiative will help small companies make their voices heard. 

On select proposed rules that impact a large number of small businesses, the Committee will communicate about the regulatory comment period via email, social media, and even district events around America. Small businesses are also encouraged to join the hundreds of small firms that share insights with the committee at their interactive web platform, Small Biz Open Mic.”
Sam Graves


Note:  Most of the content of this blog post comes from the Weekly Update email newsletter published by Sam Graves, Chairman of the House Committee on Small Business.  Click here to sign up for the weekly e-mail newsletter and other e-mail alerts.


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