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Contractors, Were You Being Thankful and Did You Giving Thanks Too?

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Tue, Dec 03,2013 @ 06:00 AM

Contractors, Were You Being Thankful and Did You Giving Thanks Too?

Thanksgiving Thoughts for Contractors

How did you celebrate Thanksgiving this year?

I hope you did something to thank the world around you for what you have and should be thankful for!

Here's what I did

My wife, daughter and I volunteered for the day helping put together and deliver meals for those less fortunate than us.   I belong to the Hudson Fish and Game Club in Hudson NH.   Every Thanksgiving, the club, its members and lots of volunteers all work together to make this annual event a reality for the surrounding communities.   It sure feels good to be part of the efforts.  In past years we have also helped with the delivery of the meals.   Although some drop-offs are an eye opener about how tough things are for may people, it’s also a great feeling to drop by with a bag chock-full of Thanksgiving dinner, rolls, pie, fruits, gravy and whole bunch more of traditional Thanksgiving treats.  The giant smiles and even sometimes the joyful tears can make your day!



Getting Everything Ready For The Big Day

HFG Thankgiving Dinner

HFG Meal Delivery Bags

Hudson Fish and Game Turkey Dinner Hudson Fish and Game Thanksgiving Volunteer



Volunteers Help Fill Plates For Delivery
HFG Thanksgiving Food Line Filling Thanksgiving plates at Hudson Fish and Game


 Almost 1200 Meals Were Prepared and Delivered!
Thanksgiving Dinner from Hudson Fish and Game Hudson Fish and Game delivers Thanksgiving meals


Did You Give Thanks To Your Employees Too!

One important way to spread the Thanksgiving spirit is to thank your employees.  My daughter got the message below as a text message from her boss.   She got it Thanksgiving morning while we were on the way to the Fish and Game Club to volunteer for the day.

"Happy Thanks Giving Kate!!  Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.  You are truly a wonderfully kind person Kate :)   Eat some great food today..  Salute!"

After she read it she let out a big "WOW" and couldn't wait to read it to my wife and I.   She was touched by her boss's message and even more proud to read it out loud to my wife and I.  It put a huge smile on her face and on mine as well!  

Her boss will get paid back in spades for that simple gesture!


I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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