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Is A Contractor Really A Salesperson If He Or She Hits Send?

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Thu, Aug 28,2014 @ 06:00 AM

Is A Contractor Really A Salesperson If He Or She Hits Send?

Helping contractors sell


If as a contractor you take the time to go out and meeting with a prospect, then you simply email or snail mail your proposal to the prospect, I don’t think you are really a sales person.  If you do this I think you are an order taker.   Now there may be a few exceptions to this.  But, before you rationalize why your situation is an exception, ask yourself this question first.  Is your justification for emailing your proposals really a “reason” or, is it an “excuse”?


I will offer one exception.  

If you are a contractor who gets his or her work by being the lowest price; then emailing is OK.  Essentially you are a commodity.  You are no different than any of the other contractors the prospects has met with.  People who buy on price only need to know about your price, not about your value.

Is being too busy to properly sell an excuse or the reason you are not earning enough money?


Are you selling your price or your value?

Let me be blunt and right to my point.  If you email your proposal (price) to a prospect you are probably confirming with your prospect that you and your business are simply a commodity.   By not presenting your proposal you have lost the opportunity to accomplish these very important sales goals:

  • Sales advice for contractorsAnother opportunity to differentiate yourself, your business and your solution and become a trusted advisor.
  • The ability to address objections, questions and concerns.
  • The ability to make changes or clarifications so your prospect can buy with confidence.
  • The ability to ask for their business.
  • I am sure you could add a few more here yourself if you really think about it.


Let me offer a simple analogy

Why contractors can't sell


Let’s pretend you are a carpenter who needs a job so you can pay your bills and feed your family.  Let’s also pretend I just happen to have a job opening right now for a good carpenter.  You call me up to ask about the job.  I tell you I’ll be in my office this afternoon and offer you can either email me your resume or come on down with it and we can chat.  What would you do?  If it was me, and I needed to feed my family, I’d ask what time I could come by.



Selling remodelingIf you are having challenges selling jobs and or getting the price you need to earn a good living and save for retirement, and you have been hitting send, I suggest you start presenting your proposal and price. In fact I suggest, before you commit to do the estimate and prepare a proposal, you schedule a specific date and time with your prospect to come back and present it.  That way you will save yourself a lot of time doing estimates and proposal for people who only see you as a commodity.


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