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25 Sample Questions Contractors Can Use For Prequalifying Prospects

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Sun, Jan 20,2013 @ 06:00 AM

25 Sample Questions Contractors Can Use For Prequalifying Prospects

Save Time by prequalifying remodeling prospects



Smart remodelers and contractors know that time is money.   Wasting time on the wrong prospects eats up the time they need and should be spending with the right prospects for their businesses.   By using methods to prequalify leads contractors can gain back a lot of time currently being wasted on people who were either the wrong client types and or were never going to buy from them to begin with.


Incorporate prequalifying questions into your lead sheet

prequalifying questions for remodelers

Below is a list of suggested questions contractors can use to help determine whether someone who inquires about doing business with them meets the business’ pre-established definition of a targeted prospect.   To help contractors make best use of this list I’ll be discussing how and when to use these questions, on the phone and or in person, at an upcoming sales workshop.   At the workshop I’ll also explain how to customize a lead sheet using questions that help prequalify a prospect and captures information the sales person can use if a sales call is scheduled.  With the right lead sheet as a tool, anyone at the office can be trained to use the lead sheet to begin the prequalification process even before a salesperson becomes involved.

What you say and how you say it

If you plan to use any of the sample questions below, be sure to put them in your voice and or use your own vernacular.   Just be sure your prospects will understand any of the words or terms you use without the need for previous construction or remodeling experience.


Questions for prequalifying prospects:

  1. Is there anything you’d like me to know before we begin; about you, your family, your home, your expectations…?
  2. Why do you want this done?
  3. Have you remodeled before?  What was that like?
  4. prequalifying questions for contractorsWhat are you looking for in a contractor?
  5. How long have you lived in your home?
  6. How long do you plan to stay in your home?
  7. Do you know what year your home was built?
  8. How long have you been thinking of remodeling?
  9. How long have you been considering this project?
  10. Are you trying to stay within an investment amount?
  11. What is your ideal start date?
  12. What is your ideal completion date?
  13. Have you done any research on this project?
  14. Where are you in your research process?
  15. Are you looking to hire a carpenter, or a professional remodeling company?
  16. Are you speaking with any other contractors?
  17. Is there a reason you haven’t already decided to work with one of the contractors you have already spoken with? 
  18. Is there something you were hoping I would be able to do differently?
  19. Do you have any plans or a design in mind?
  20. Are you interested in financing or paying cash?
  21. How will you decide which contractor you will partner with for your project?
  22. How will you measure whether or if your project has been successful?
  23. Will there be anyone else involved in making decisions about this project or which contractor you will choose to work with?
  24. When Mrs. Jones referred you to us/me, was there something she said that stood out and motivated you to contact us/me?
  25. Are you looking for an estimate or a fixed price for this project?

Bonus question:

What do you think we will need to do or discuss if you want me to give you a fixed price for your project?


Remember, contractors make money selling the job, not building it!

Want to sell more jobs and make moe money?  Need sales training or coaching to help you and or your team reach your sales goals?   Contact Shawn today to discuss how he can help.  

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