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Deitz Lawsuit Update: Ralph Nader To Fund Appeal Against Dietz Case

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Tue, Dec 18,2012 @ 09:13 AM

Deitz Lawsuit Update: Ralph Nader To Fund Appeal Against Dietz Case

Chris Dietz Lawsuit updates



This from Chris Dietz just this morning.  I spoke with him briefly via phone on his way to join his daughter at school for an event.  We agreed to follow up on our conversation and offer more information later in the day, as he needed to spend his time this morning with his daughter. 


Here is what Chris Dietz shared with me:

The defendant is appealing to the Virginia Supreme Court. Oh, and Ralph Nader and his organization Public Citizen is providing the attorney(s) for the appeal.

I have sent an email, and spoken by phone to my local NARI, asking for help. If others can ask their local NARI chapters to contact NARI national about this case, and contact my local NARI or NATIONAL NARI, I would sincerely appreciate it.

I am just a small contractor locally trying to defend my business from lies, proven lies. This case can help protect all of us from bogus lies, false accusations from former clients, people claiming to be clients etc.


As business owners we have to wonder...  If this lawsuit is about protecting businesses from false accusations of fact, what is his motive for becoming involved? 

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The following update was added at 11:35 AM


Accoring to Mary Busey Harris, Executive Vice President, NARI National

NARI Supports Dietz


"NARI National has reached out to NARI Member Chris Dietz and supports him in the quest to right this wrong. NARI National General Counsel and Board of Directors are reviewing the case and will determine next steps."

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