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The Perfect Storm: One Contractors Opinion About the Dietz Lawsuit

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Thu, Dec 20,2012 @ 06:00 AM

Guest Blog: The Perfect Storm  -One Contractors Opinion About the Dietz Lawsuit and Angie’s List

David Profitt of  Profitt Custom Homes, LLC



Guest Blogger: David Profitt, owner at Profitt Custom Homes, LLC is a NC Licensed General Contractor.  David’s business offers construction of custom homes and remodel/renovation projects ranging from simple decks and porches to whole house makeovers, all as a Design/Build contractor.


Dietz Lawsuit Questions

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The Perfect Storm 

I think the lawsuit overall will be a good thing, providing the Perfect Storm scenario doesn't pass thru and the contractor looses.

Most of my clients have never heard of Angie's list (I usually ask), and the one reference I have on there was to straighten out a bath remodel for a client who initially hired another contractor from "the list" to do the job and they botched it in just about every possible way.

That was a few years ago and the only follow-up I've had from that one positive reference has been to get hounded by the sales reps from the "List" trying to sell me bag after bag of magic beans (which is why I ask clients if they use the "list").

I agree that social media is here to stay and like it or not, the construction business is going to have to come to grips with it. It would be great for the construction professionals among us, if it worked properly. The downside is that any customer who gets tee'd off at you for whatever reason, legit or not, can get on there and bash you.

And unlike (in theory) our court system where you are innocent until proven guilty, in social media any mud thrown your way will stick to some extent.  It's kinda like online matchmaking services - if everyone on there told the truth, it would be a wonderful thing.

Nothing breeds respect like fear, and a few successful lawsuits by contractors caught in this situation is probably the only thing that will help keep it in check. The promotional sites like the "list" sure aren't going to. If they operated with that type of integrity, they wouldn't be telling the general public that "contractors can't pay to get on the List"; then repeatedly barrage us with the deal of the week to get our advertising dollars.

I wish Dietz luck on behalf of all of us.



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