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Prospects Need A New Process For Coming To A Buying Decision

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Mon, Dec 17,2012 @ 06:00 AM

Remodeling Prospects Need A New Process For Coming To A Buying Decision

Make remodeling decisions




Consumers need a new process for coming to a decision.  This definitely includes consumers considering remodeling projects at their homes. They can no longer assume they will increase the value of their home just because they remodel.  Even low price might not be a compelling reason to buy.  They need new reasons to go forward, and it becomes the salesperson’s job to help them find those reasons. 

Every consumer must go through due diligence before making a buying decision and this is further complicated because each one will have a different path; one that is personal to them.  They are journeying into new areas and might not even know how or where to get started.  The new remodeling salesman must be a decision engineer, methodically guiding consumers through their specific emotional and intellectual considerations relative to making a confident buying decision. 

Notice I said guide them

Shortening the remodeling sales cycle


They must feel like the decision and the process they went through was their own and that they didn’t miss anything that should have been considered.   The old school approach of telling or convincing a prospect what to do will no longer work.  Once they come to realize a process for making their decision, the salesman must then become a trusted adviser, with the knowledge and ability to offer appropriate design, product and project delivery options. 


The consumer has come to expect options

LBM Sales Rep helps remodelerManufacturers can and should provided information and education relative to product options, differences and price points.  Retailers selling to remodelers should be getting this information from their distributor and manufacturer reps.  The entire supply chain should be sharing this information with contractors through trade shows, educational events and personal interaction.  

To improve sales and ultimately business results, I suggest remodelers find good retailers to do business with who will provide this information; then attend their offerings and study up.



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