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The Design/Build Remodeler’s 10 Step Plan For Success

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Thu, Apr 19,2012 @ 05:00 AM

The Design/Build Remodeler’s 10 Step Plan For Long Term Success


Success for Remodelers and design buildersA long time ago a remodeler in my NARI Chapter who was just starting his business asked me for advice about how he too could have a successful and profitable business.   Seeking to keep my response simple and to the point I came up with a list of nine steps.   When I was explaining my list to him he asked where he would find the time to do all these things.  He said he was already straight out trying to sell and complete work.   That’s when I added step number one to the ten step list below. 

Success won’t happen by accident.  If you are disappointed with your level of success use the list below to help identify what you need to do to get your business on the path to planned success.


Successful RemodelersRecharge Your Batteries!

Step ten might be the most important.  Unless you take time to recharge your batteries they will go dead.  My experience has shown me that business owners get a lot more done and can remain positive even during challenging times if they take the time to reward themselves for all their hard work and effort.

“To get to the next level in your life will require a higher level of thinking than the level of thinking that got you where you are”   Thomas Edison


The 10 Step Plan For Success

  1. Make time to create and implement your plan.
  2. Establish your criteria for personal and financial success.
  3. Establish an obtainable volume of sales for the coming year.
  4. Create a budget based on historic information.  Adjust as needed to achieve current goals.
  5. Establish the Mark-up required to provide planned gross profit.
  6. Accurately estimate project costs and mark-up as planned.
  7. Find your customers and sell them projects at the price required to obtain planned gross profit.
  8. Monitor production and overhead expenses.
  9. Adjust business as needed to maintain path to planned net profit.
  10. Enjoy planned personal and financial success.


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