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Pop Quiz: How well do you remember your RRP Training?

Posted by Shawn McCadden on Thu, Jan 31,2013 @ 06:00 AM

Pop Quiz: How well do you remember your RRP Training?  Are You At Risk For Fines?

RRP Refresher Training


One of the requirements of the RRP rule is that certified renovators, those who took the required training and passed the test to become certified to perform and supervise RRP work, must take required RRP refresher training to renew their certification every five years.   Many contractors feel the refresher training requirement is ridiculous and or unnecessary.   What about you?


Here’s a pop quiz of RRP related questions you can take to see if you would need refresher training; after the five years, but maybe even right now!   Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the answer key (no cheating!).


RRP Pop Quiz


RRP Pop Quiz

1.  Under the RRP Rule, which type of sanding activity can be used when lead-based paint could be present on the surface to be sanded?  

A.    Wet sanding by hand

B.    Dry sanding by hand

C.    Power sanding with a palm sander

D.   Both A and B


2.  Which of the following is the best way offered below to control lead dust?                                                                                

A.    Using HEPA-vacuum to clean up debris

B.    Spraying your work area with water

C.    Sweeping dry debris with a fine bristle broom

D.    Spraying your work area with water and using a HEPA vacuum to clean up debris




3.  OSHA requires the use of respiratory protection for workers if the actual airborne level of lead that will be created is not known.        

A.    True

B.    False



4.  Lead exposure presents the greatest risk to:                                                                                                                                               

ZRRP Refresher trainingA.    Grown adults

B.    Workers who disturb lead painted surfaces

C.    Minorities

D.    Women once over 50 years old

E.    Both children and pregnant women


5.  Which answer below is not true?

A.   The RRP Rule does not apply if only 4 ft/sq of lead paint coated surfaces will be disturbed in a single interior room.

B.   The RRP Rule does not apply if only 10 ft/sq of lead paint coated surfaces will be disturbed on a building’s exterior.

C.   If a home was built before 1978, but the deck I am replacing the decking on was built in 1985, the RRP rule does not apply.

D.   If I am doing an emergency repair, the RRP work practices do not apply, but I must still use the required cleaning practices and cleaning verification process.


Six ways you can get RRP Refresher information right away

  1. You can find RRP refresher information at the Refresher Information Tag of RRPedia, your Interactive Resource for EPA RRP Information
  2. Watch a series of short videos about the RRP Rule to get an overview of business and work practice considerations
  3. Watch a recorded webinar about OSHA Related Compliance when doing RRP Work
  4. Read an RRP Summary written for Remodelers, or download it to your computer at the same page
  5. Download EPA RRP Tools and Supplies Shopping List for Remodelers
  6. You can attend a workshop about the differences between the MA RRP Rule and the EPA RRP Rule


JLC Live RRP TrainingNot certified Yet? 

I will be conducting the RRP Certified Renovator class at the JLC LIVE in Providence RI on March 20, 2013.   This class is recognized for MA, RI and EPA administered programs.


Answers to RRP Pop Quiz as follows:

RRP test questions#1 = D

#2 = D

#3 = A

#4 = E

#5 = C


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