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I just wanted to say thank you for your efforts to keep us informed.

"Thank you again for the hundreth time for keeping a vigil on this business nightmare. Your site is one of the best resources we have to stay on level ground" 

Christian Peter


"I am quite impressed with all the confusion out there at Shawn McCadden’s clear and concise voice that continues to help contractors and those involved in this industry truly understand the rule. His efforts should be applauded." 

Christopher Wagner, LBPFiles


"RRPedia is an accurate and contractor friendly interpretation of the very complex and confusing EPA RRP rule"


"Thanks for taking the time to write the blog.  It's about the only place one can go to get some serious info on this dreadful subject"


"I would like to begin by thanking Shawn for all of his postings and education that he has been sharing with the remodeling industry. He has personally been extremely helpful in guiding me through various interpretations of the RRP rule, his advice and knowledge are priceless."

Michael A. Mahoney

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OSHA to Target Residential Construction Industry, Enforce Lead Standards


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OSHA to Target Residential Construction Industry, Enforce Lead in Construction Standards

Lead in ConstructionOn December 2nd, 2010 I attended an OSHA Respirator and Worker Safety Programs Workshop put on by The Contractor Coaching Partnership and Safety Trainers.  The purpose of the workshop was to help contractors involved in RRP work with the OSHA requirements they needed to comply with when their employees or sub contractors are exposed to lead during construction activities.  Check this previous RRPedia article for more on OSHA requirements for RRP work and conflicts between OSHA regulations and the RRP rule.

Safety Trainers logoAt the workshop Joe Ceccarelli, a trainer with Safety Trainers, shared some information with the attendees regarding OSHA’s plans to step up inspections and increase fine amounts related to the residential construction Industry.  He told us that OSHA Region 1 has hire 250 new additional field inspectors and 40 of those have been assigned to Massachusetts alone.  I was quite taken back when Joe told us he had learned that 72% of OSHA violations levied against residential construction businesses were for what OSHA calls “serious or willful violations” and resulted in fines ranging from $3000 to $70,000.   

Joe told me he learned this information when he attended a session presented by Martha Kent, Region 1 area Director for OSHA, at the ASSE Region VIII New England Area Professional Development Conference and EXPO on November 30 – December 1, 2010 at the Sturbridge Host Hotel in Sturbridge, MA

In the video below Joe talks about what he learned at the conference and wanted to share with contractors.  Joe warns contractors; "They are coming, they are out there and they will be stopping by your jobsite"



I give up the business, im done,had enough of the bull s--t associated with it, the extreme costs ,insurance, the communists government we live in, no work, no unemployment for those who need it, 
next no food or homes for people,  
We will all be stealing Horses fffor a ride and dinner, USA has gone down the tubes, I give up, 48 years of something I once loved, now threats of fines on fines on taking everything away from USA citizens, It is time for a revolution, Have a good future,i will not- watch your Horses i'm hungry
Posted @ Friday, December 03, 2010 4:20 PM by Jim Raymond
Pretty much agree with Jim Raymond as all this stuff is helping to destroy the small entrepenuer in the residential construction business. Maybe in Massachusetts they are all over this but out west most contractors and town officials could not give a rats ass as to what Federal agencies are up to. I am in compliance but virtually no other small firms are. Few out here gives a hoot about Washington DC regulations. 
Homeowners are totally in the dark on this lead issue.  
I say bring it on FEDS or forget about it.  
PS: the communist angle Mr. Raymond is a cop out as the uneven enforcement of these federal regulations attests to that. Try instead government bureaucrats feathering their own nests.
Posted @ Friday, December 03, 2010 7:02 PM by teetering on the edge
any update with opposing epa in congress or nari with the law suit with that said i agree with raymond this is bull shit thank you obama
Posted @ Sunday, December 05, 2010 10:19 AM by paul k
Good Morning to all fellow citizens, yes the govt.states. lawmen, subsidiariesof these rules, will see our vehicles on a job, grocery store, diners, home building supplies, church, vacations, and link it with LEAD PAINT, then come marching in like criminal swat teams, and disrupt our lives, there will be I am sure of ,gun fights,bombings, fist fights, taking of ouir homes, our constittutional rights are going to be new world order,If you think i am extreme THINK FOR A MINUTE, I am in favor of protecting children,animals, all things harmed by lead, but for the crooked polititions to act as we are all hardened criminals to be hunted is wrong, I am going to join a group called we the people- and start to not pay any taxes, WHY SHOUL I, insurances ,registrations, licenses for me are now over six thousand a year, and now will double, now work, contractors going out of business, HOME OF THE FREE, WE THE PEOPLE, NOT ANY MORE, 
The govt needs our money despirately, its time for meetings,time for serious thinking, I can survive,can you, i can hunt,fish,garden, steal HOSSES< eggs, HOBBLE a cow, sounds like the old days, AMERICA WAKE UP IT'S TIME FOR TEAM WORK, THANKS J R
Posted @ Sunday, December 05, 2010 10:43 AM by James Raymond
Anyone interested in how this all came to be should check out this link
Posted @ Sunday, December 05, 2010 5:27 PM by Paul K
Well I guess making employees or homeowners sick is ok for many of you. Personally, I would like to do the right thing. If I know that a certain chemical is bad for me, or my employees, I'm going to use my brain and figure out how to reduce our exposure to it.  
Or, you could whine about how the government is too hard on us small contractors. You guys sound like a bunch of wusses! 
Figure it out, do the work, quit whining!!! 
Posted @ Monday, December 06, 2010 12:41 PM by Joe
joe you should get into the deleading bussiness not the remodeling bussiness good luck to you in the future
Posted @ Monday, December 06, 2010 12:50 PM by paul k
Well, I the up side of the new regulations is that we will be losing all the "skunkhunters",  
(a name we use in New England to call the less than professional builders and remodelers).  
More work for us! Goodbye to you all!
Posted @ Tuesday, December 07, 2010 4:19 PM by Chuck
Paul, for updates regarding NARI efforts regarding the RRP rule see this link: NARI Letter to Senate Speaks to Contractor Concerns 
To get updates regarding other efforts you can check out and keep checking back with this link: Updates on the EPA RRP Rule
Posted @ Wednesday, December 08, 2010 11:19 AM by Shawn McCadden
Many contractors are unaware that the OSHA Lead Standard is a regulation has been in effect for several years. The difference in Mass is the state decided to place it into the lead law transparently to make sure we know what we are responsible for. The EPA RRP manual refernces compliance with OSHA regulations but fails to cover the topic in sufficient detail leaving contractors to interpret and investigate on their own. The 8 hours of training does not sufficiently prepare contractors for what they must know. Now with the recent decision to target the residential industry I fear many contractors will work thinking they are ok and OSHA will nail them. The RRP rule should be re-written to accurately describe and include ALL OSHA regulations pertaining to lead and teach contractors completely or they should repeal it until they can get it right. 
mark the coach
Posted @ Thursday, December 09, 2010 5:45 AM by mark paskell
Actually if your homework is done,your research complete, lead paint cautions have been around shortly after it was invented,formulated, the dangers have been in effect for many years, as far as not being trained enough,contractors not getting it right the first time should be on the shoulders of the trainers,classes, we all took, any follow up measures should be at no cost to contractors, updates, extended education should fall in the hands od OSHA-EPA as supplement to our already certifications,licenses,insurances, 
I feel that no mater how much we study, learn,apply, preform,that pop-up rules will appear without notice, puppets on a string,as soon as an agent gets wind of something going on, the laws will change, the system needs many hours of study and tweeking before it is finally workable for all contractors, homeowners, etc, the general public is not informed and should be on TV. radio, and every newspaper should be posting adds every 10 minutes, instead of all the adds with Almost naked women, auto makers, etc, we all know there are naked women,autos everywhere we look, so why not bilboards,bumper stickers, signage at the building supplies stores, 
public awareness meetings , posters at libraries, police stations,fire stations, HEY has anyone thought of schools, where their are children, CONPUTER POP-UPS, ITS TIME TO REBEL, yes you read it right, its time for EPA-OSHA to inform not just us contractors but evety living thing on this earth with the proper information we all need, Make property owners pay for classes,licenses, added insurances, 
uneducated workers will be hired, homeowners will think we are scaming them and do the work them selves, THINK ,if only one child goes home and says " MOM stop, did you test for lead paint" well the other day when we were at joe"s hardware store i saw lead paint test swabs, their $10.00 each,and we were told at school by a guest speaker of the lead paint poisioning,Bobby go to your room till im finished YEP-A ROO ,this is happening, NOW I NEED A FULL TIME JOB TEACHING THE SCHOOLS EVERYWHERE IN MASSACHUSETTS, AND? IS there an organization who will pay me every week for being a guest speaker,or should we all let EPA-OSHA sneak up on everyone and fine us all $70,000.00 + for every violation, and still the public has no idea of this, soon they will be fined for letting a contractor in their homes,GAURANTEED,  
Now i have to search for a job,OH! look over your shoulder,uncle Charlie watching you,
Posted @ Thursday, December 09, 2010 8:47 AM by Jim Raymond
Jim, I love your idea about getting the word our by visiting schools. I am going to look into that.
Posted @ Thursday, December 09, 2010 9:13 AM by Shawn McCadden
Thanks, remember I will be changing professions after 48 years of spectacular fun and enjoyment, However i am very serious when it comes to wanting a job traveling throughout massachusetts and? speaking the rule,also something i would extremely enjoy ,right now at this stage education is our only tool to help inform the citizens of these UNITED STATES, schools should be of greatest priority, posters everywhere, Thank You Again, I must research into work,jobs, its hard being 65 years old,extremely educated and no work,
Posted @ Thursday, December 09, 2010 9:28 AM by Jim Raymond
has any one looked at the link i posted three days ago
Posted @ Thursday, December 09, 2010 1:18 PM by paul k
Paul, Mark Paskell used the info at the link you posted on Dec 6 in one of his blogs at the Contractor Coaching Partnership web site. Thanks for your contribution to RRPedia.
Posted @ Monday, December 13, 2010 11:07 AM by Shawn McCadden
next thing ya know it will be unlawfull to operate a lawn mower ten feet from a house with out letting your neigbors know 24 hours notice
Posted @ Monday, December 13, 2010 2:21 PM by paul k
Hey Mr.Paul, Ya wanna side up with a cowboy and go russle some beef, I know where there are some black angus, whilst we are there we can raid the chicken coop, This will be what the a NEW WORLD ORDER WILL BE LIKE people starving, hunting out of season, fishing with out licenses, stealing gas, taking offers for cattle drive,THE ONLY THING WITHOUT LEAD PAINT , have a wonderful evening watch your cattle,and lawn mowers,
Posted @ Monday, December 13, 2010 2:31 PM by Jim Raymond
I truly sympathize with small business people today, especially contractors,of which I am. In a good economy we struggle with competition and demanding customers. Now it is ten times harder. Our government has spent us into oblivion and did nothing to create real ongoing jobs. Note that the biggest job growth is in government and were talking six figure incomes with that. Guys, that is overhead that we have to pay for way into the future. It is also more red tape for us to navigate on a daily basis. Every year local, state and federal government pass laws and regulations that layer more stuff (crap)on what you have to do to get through the day. I'm not saying that we don't need rules but i am saying that there is too much. With every new rule,law, ordinance and mandate comes cost and time spent. Everything, while there is a nugget of good has unintended consequences that impact everyone done the line. Of course our US. Congress has exempted themselves from what they deem is good for and have their own rules and health care. I thought we were all equal in this country? Some in Washington are more equal.I just got a notice from the state of CT. that because their unemployment fund is broke all Ct. employers will be getting a retroactive assessment to help them out! Can you give your customers a retroactive bill? On top of that they are raising the percentage I pay on unemployment compensation to the max. 6%+-. This will be assessed on all future payroll, probably years into the future. Now, you you think that makes me want to hire new employees, hell no! So when our brilliant leaders keep extending unemployment, who really gets helped or hurt, what are the unintended consequences? Everyone ultimately pays the bill even if they don't think so. THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH (except in government) I could go on but I have to go and file forms, get a zoning waiver, meet with the wetlands officer,argue with the building inspector about how to interpret conflicting ADA rules, discuss getting a waiver on the parking rules at my building, try collecting past due money from customers that already got me to to work that was not included in the estimate, bid one of the few jobs that are out there and then figure out my taxes!!!!!!! Sorry, I just had to get this off my chest. Truth is, there is a lot more. 
Have a nice day. 
Ray Gaines
Posted @ Thursday, January 06, 2011 3:34 PM by Ray Gaines
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