Shawn McCadden to Present Sales Seminar For Builders and Remodelers

Because Of The Marketplace Slow Down, Selling Projects Isn't As Easy As It Used To Be!

"Smart Selling Strategies for Tough Times"  

The old rules for buying and selling have been tossed and homeowners and contractors both need to find new rules to play by.  If you wait for buyers to figure out the new rules themselves, you will either need to sell on price or you will get to them too late.




Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

3:00-7:00 PM

Association Office

2189 Silas Deane Highway

Rocky Hill, CT 06067

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Cost to Attend: $60 for HBA Members, $80 for Non-Members

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Are your prospects sucking you dry for information but not buying anything from you?  Are they really your prospects?


Seminar Description:

Smart Selling Strategies for Tough Times

How many estimates and proposals do you create before you finally get a yes or a no? Are your prospects too focused on pricing?  Do your prospects view you or your product/service as a commodity?  There is good news! You can remove yourself from these challenges; you just need to know how to attract the right leads and create a sales process that leads to yes more often and faster. Learn from Shawn McCadden how to use a simple system that will help you qualify your prospects and sell to your customers. He'll show you how to identify and discuss a prospect's real motivations to buy, how to comfortably get or give a budget, help you learn to become a better listener and set yourself apart from the competition by selling value not price. If you ask the right questions and listen, your prospects will tell you how to sell to them. It's easier than you think!

Learning objectives: By completing this class you will be able to:

  • Learn why prospects aren't buying and what you can to do about it.
  • Learn the three things you need to know before you can sell a solution to a prospect
  • Learn how to help your prospect discover why they need to discuss budget with you.
  • Learn how to properly catch and release certain prospects so you will have the opportunity to catch them again at a later date and turn them into customers.
  • Learn how to separate your company from the competition in ways far more valuable than price!