The New Lead-Based Paint Regulations (RRP) and Your Remodeling Business

Attend this informative session so you won't be caught by surprise by what you already need to know.

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Thursday, May13, 2010  

Location: Mystic Marriott, 625 North Road, Groton CT

Meeting is scheduled from     5-8:30 PM

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The New Lead-Based Paint Regulations (RRP) and Your Remodeling Business

Program Description: 

RRP Work PracticesStarting April 22nd, 2010 all remodeling and repair work done for compensation to housing built prior to 1978 must be done in compliance with the new RRP Regulations. Contractors doing this work must get their employees and their businesses ready to operate under these new rules or risk fines of up to $37,500 per individual violation. 


The New EPA RRP Rule will be a game changer for most businesses that perform work that disturbs paint.  Some feel these changes will hurt their businesses.  Others see the new EPA RRP Rule as an opportunity to distinguish themselves in their marketplace.  This session has been put together for savvy business owners and managers whoEPA RRP Sign understand the serious nature of and the significant effects the EPA RRP Rule will have on their business practices and operations.  If you are challenged reading, interpreting and understanding the 79 page EPA Rules, this is the class for you.

How You Will Benefit

  • Leave with a better understanding of the new EPA RRP Rule and how it will affect your business
  • Learn about a variety of ways your business systems will need to change
  • Learn how typical production and scheduling methods will change
  • Understand worker and sub contractor considerations
  • Get a jump on competition who might not even be aware of the new rules
  • Learn ways to protect your business
  • Includes dedicated time to ask clarifying questions
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 (The new rules go into effect on April 22, 2010)