Request Shawn's NEW Excel Estimating Template

Knowing what to charge clients for the work you do is often the difference between long term success and eventual failure for the business.  

estimating template newly revisedBy using Shawn's Excel Estimating Template you can:

  • Estimate quickly without math errors
  • Easily make any estimate you create into a template for that project type
  • Enter your company's labor rate, markup and sales tax %
  • Make easy and quick updates if specifications change
  • Do "what if" estimates to explore options for your prospects and clients

Using the estimate template will help speed up and improve the accuracy of your estimating.  It even includes helpful instructions to help you get started.

Request the Estimating Template now and start estimating with it right away!

  • Contractor tested!
  • Simple to use!
  • Share completed estimates with your Lead Carpenters!
  • Enter your markup and labor rate!
  • Change the markup or labor rate to see the impact!