Contractor Success Workshop with Shawn McCadden: Estimating, Pricing and Producing Successful Construction Projects


"Estimating, Pricing and Producing Successful Projects"

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Accurate Estimating

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rings End Lumber Educational Center
160 Avon Street, Stratford, CT

All Day Workshop: 9AM - 4PM

Cost $225/person

Purchase this and the 6/12/13 "Sales, Marketing and Web Sites For Contractors" Workshop for a total of $375.00 for both!

This workshop is Part One of a Two-Day Business Success Program for Contractors looking to improve their businesses, sell more jobs and make more money!

Harvey trade show seminars registrationEstimating, Pricing and Producing Successful Construction Projects

Workshop Description:

Estimating construction projects


This workshop will introduce you and your business to the critical information needed to make sure you are properly estimating and pricing your projects for profitability.  It will also include strategies you can use to successfully delegate construction projects to production employees so they can profitably complete projects on their own with the information created during the sales and estimating process.

Being strategic about the process you use to collect and document project information when selling to customers and estimating project costs can really make a big difference for your business.  

Done right, the estimating process can:

  • Make more money as a contractorHelp you sell
  • Help you sell at higher margins
  • Provide production staff the information they need
  • Make project scheduling much easier
  • Help protect planned profits while producing those projects. 
  • Improve project quality and customer satisfaction

Learning Objectives: By completing this workshop you will be able to:

  • Determine the markup your business needs to use when pricing projects to ensure your ability to cover project and overhead expenses and maintain planned net profit.
  • Contractor markupUnderstand how to determine your company’s gross profit margin requirement and how sales volume and gross profit margins are interdependent.
  • Know the difference between cash and accrual accounting and which one to use for your business.
  • Understand and use a variety of options for better managing cash flow.
  • Take advantage of many benefits that can come from strategic estimating.
  • Use your estimate to help create project payment schedules that improve your cash flow and give your customer confidence about making payments.
  • Selling more remodeling jobsCreate proposals that help you sell, differentiate your business, protect profits and manage customer expectations.
  • Use your sales process and your proposal to help improve production results and profits.
  • Make sure your team has what they need to install/build projects profitably and on their own.
  • Take advantage of the Pre-Staging of projects.
  • Learn what a preconstruction meeting is, how to do one and how it can help you make more money and get more referrals
  • Eliminate the punchlistLearn what a Quality Control Precompletion Meeting is, how to do one and how it can help eliminate the Punch List and help you collect your final payment
  • Make more money in less time and have more fun doing so!



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