Contractor Webinar: Five Key and Timely Business Investments for Remodelers

Shawn McCadden Interview


Wise investments in your business can help you earn and keep more money and prepare your business for future challenges.  In this interesting and though provoking webinar you will learn about five areas remodelers should consider investing in as their finances improve and the marketplace recovers.

By viewing this webinar you will learn:

  • How to use what you learned during the recession to prepare your business for the next recession
  • How and why to choose the right sales training for you and your team
  • Investments your business can make that will improve your businesses performance and lower operating costs at the same time
  • How to use your business’s website and web presence to increase leads and the quality of those leads

“Five Key and Timely Business Investments for Remodelers” was reassuring because it confirmed our own thinking on responses to challenges we face, while also offering some ideas.  Thanks for offering it!    James Bingley, Premier Contractors, Inc.